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16 Week Session

The 16-week MY HERO: Call to Action Learning Circle introduces students to heroes of all ages working on the SDGs. Students share their ideas through iEARN’s platform, choose an issue they feel strongly about and design an action plan. Students will create a final project (written story, film, artwork or audio) either individually or as a group honoring those making a positive difference working on the SDGs or documenting their effort to create positive change in the world. Teachers collaborate with other educators through the forum and engage their students in collaborative work. 


MY HERO Recommends Sharing the Film the World's Largest Lesson with Students as an Introduction to the Importance of the UN Sustainability Development Goals.


The World's Largest Lesson

Produced by:Produced by: Helen Argo / Directed by: Sarah Cox
Everyone must work together to achieve the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development.

Links to MY HERO Website and Resources

MY HERO Website
Credit: MY HERO

Educator QuickStart Guide
Credit: MY HERO
MY HERO Teachers Room
Credit: MY HERO

UN Sustainable Development Goals Teacher Resources

By: Laura Nietzer
Share the importance of the UN Sustainability Goals with your students. Bring classrooms to life with MY HERO's Multimedia Resources.

UN Sustainable Development Goals Resources for ESL/ELL Students

By: Laura Nietzer
Stories with text and audio allowing students the ability to listen as they read along about activists working towards solutions.

Essay to Share with Students about How to Choose a Hero

Link to an Essay to Share with Students before Choosing their Hero

How Should we Choose our Heroes Essay
Credit: MY HERO

Short Films that Introduce MY HERO 

A short video overview of registering and starting a classroom project in the new MY HERO Teacher's Room.

Teachers Room
Credit: MY HERO

Short Video about the MY HERO Project

The MY HERO Short Promo
Credit: The MY HERO Project

Tutorials on How to Create Story, Art, Film, and Audio Pages on            MY HERO

Using the Create Program to Publish Original Artwork

By: Laura Nietzer
Tutorial for Students

Using the Create Program to Upload and Publish Audio

By: Laura Nietzer
Tutorial for Students

Use the Create Program to Upload Films and Videos

By: Laura Nietzer
Tutorial For Students

How to Use the Create Program to Write and Submit a Story

By: Laura Nietzer
Tutorial for Students

Calendar and Monthly Lesson Plan Resource Links

Link to Curated Lesson Plan Resources to Use Throughout the School Year

Teachers Room Lesson Plan Organizer
Credit: MY HERO

External Resource Links

UN Sustainable Development Goals
Credit: United Nations
ECA Virtual Exchange Toolkit
Credit: Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs

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