OutSwing [Trailer]

Directed by: Samar Minallah Khan | Short | 2021 | Pakistan | 1:51



On the outskirts of Islamabad, a committed coach teaches a team of unlikely players, their families, and a community how playing Cricket can change lives. The girls overcome their fears and anxiety and find strength in something as simple as Cricket. It is a story of how standing up for girls and their passions is the most honorable thing a man can do. In Cricket, and out-swing delivery is the one that ‘moves away’ from the line of its bowling. It has In Cricket, and out swing delivery is the one that ‘moves away’ from the line of its bowling. It has the risk of being declared a wide-ball but it can also change the game. An outswing delivery is the one that 'moves away' from the line of its bowling. Just like an Outswing delivery, the girls are ready to ‘move away’ from the prescribed norms and expectations.

Director Biography:

Samar Minallah Khan is a filmmaker and an anthropologist from Pakistan. She was born in Peshawar, KP, Pakistan. Through film, Samar reaches out to various audiences in an effort to amplify the voices of women and girls. Her first film, Swara-a bridge over troubled waters was screened internationally at several film festivals. It led to the first public interest litigation in the Supreme Court of Pakistan and in making of the culturally sanctioned form of forced marriage illegal. Newspapers have called her a “Savior of the Souls” and “Woman who rocks the world”. Her style of work shows empathy and respect for cultures. Her work has won several international awards including Premio Roberto Rossellini 2009, The DVF Award 2015, and UNICEF Child Rights Award.

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