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How is this project being used by teachers?
Here's a great place to start to see what other educators around the world are doing to enrich their curriculum
Teacher's Guide
Our IMPACT pages can provide some insight !
The learning circles program connects students around the world
How do I register and get started?
How to Register and use Class Codes Guide will walk you through the process!
How do I create an Organizer?
Here are the basics to using the Organizer
Here's a video on how to create a basic organizer.
Here's a video on how to create a best of films organizer.
Here's a video on how to create an art organizer.
What are some other resources here?
Our teacher-curated Lesson Plans can get your class involved.
More help can be found in our teacher's FAQ section
Click here for our comprehensive resource page!


Here's an overview of the TEACHERS ROOM to get you started!

Looking for step-by-step directions on a particular program? Please choose a link below. If you are looking for something specific that you don't see here - please email us!

Online PDF Video

Creating a MY HERO Story Web Page

Creating a MY HERO Gallery Web Page

Creating a MY HERO Audio Web Page

Creating a MY HERO Film Web Page

Creating an Organizer Web Page

Creating a Film Organizer Web Page

Creating an Art Organizer Web Page

Teachers Resources and Guides

Media Arts Resources

Creating a Class Code

More links are coming soon, including information about our brand new class code system!

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