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Joan Ganz Cooney: The Unsung Hero Who Led Us All To Sesame Street

Directed by: Anna Brodine | Seaman High School | Documentary | 2020 | USA | 12:00



Joan Ganz Cooney’s creation of Sesame Street combined education and entertainment in children’s television programming, thereby breaking down economic and socio-cultural barriers, which led to the instrumental and tangential growth in children and established Ganz Cooney as an unsung hero. In early 2019, I was reacquainted with Sesame Street with the news of its 50th anniversary on television, and the name ‘Joan Ganz Cooney’ soon appeared. Out of curiosity, I searched her name only to realize how many difficulties she overcame to become the first female producer and creator of Sesame Street. Her courage beginning in the 1970s through the 1990s shattering social standards in order to help educate children through television thoroughly impressed me. Upon learning how much she did for inner city children through the creation of Sesame Street and Children’s Television Network, I became determined to bring Joan Ganz Cooney’s incredible, unsung story to life.

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