MY HERO celebrates mothers and those who have taken on the role of mother; we honor the mothers of invention, champions for children and those working to protect our planet. 

Dr. Joan Wicks is an educator, athlete, and the mother of Amanda and Gabrielle Gorman.
Joan Wicks
Credit: Image courtesy of Joan Wicks

Find out more about this incredible family in our organizer.

Celebrating the Gorman Family

By: Abigail Richardson
MY HERO would like to honor a mother who has raised two outstanding, creative young women, .whose art, media and words are influencing the nation and the world with their vision for equality and justice for all.

MY HERO Celebrates Mother and Daughter Heroes. Click on the banner below to read more.

Mother and Daughter
Credit: MY HERO

'A Prayer for My Mother' wins the MY HERO 2023 Women Transforming Media Award

A Prayer for My Mother: The Eva Brettler Story

By: Cheri Gaulke and Samara Hutman
An animated film that chronicles the extraordinary saga of Holocaust survivor Eva Brettler – a child facing brutality and profound loss who finds sustenance in faith and her own dreams for the future.


These short films represent the most remarkable heroes of all - our mothers! The variety of genre's within this selection reflects the diverse and wonderful expressions of love for 'Mother,' enjoy!

2021 Global Educator Award - Frances Moore Lappé & Anna Blythe Lappé

Produced by:The MY HERO Project
Learn about Frances Moore Lappé & Anna Blythe Lappé in this video celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Book Diet for a Small Planet.

Yasmine Sherif Global Educator Award Winner

Kitty Richardson
Congratulations to Yasmine Sherif, the Director of Education Cannot Wait and the winner of the 2020 Global Educator Award.

2021 IFF Special Hero Climate Activist Award | Slater Jewell-Kemker and Wendy Jewell

Slater Jewell-Kemker
Slater Jewell-Kemker and Wendy Jewell accept the Special Hero: Climate Activist Award at the 2021 MY HERO International Film Festival.


This powerful, personal, and amazing story focuses on Ruth Ikeda, mother of AUHSD Superintendent Michael B. Matsuda and AUHSD Professional Learning Coordinator, Jackie Counts.

M (Mother)

Produced by:Jackie Khanh Doan

This creative and beautiful animation touches on the depths of the subject of motherhood.

A Love Letter to My Mother : An Environmental Short Film

By: Emily Le
Mother Nature has given up so much for our welfare, but how are we repaying her?

Dear Mum

Kitty Richardson
Kitty Richardson sings her original song written for her mother.

Conversations With My Mother

Tsering Wangmo
I try to capture the simplicity of her life and the warmth that she provides to her family.

Moms Made Manhattan

Produced by:Video edited by Katie Graubart-
Adapted from "New York and How it Got That Way," a history tour of Manhattan created by Ina Lee Selden. Video edited by Katie Graubart-

Mother of All Rivers

Produced by:Will Parrinello
Berta Cáceres rallied her indigenous Lenca people to wage a grassroots protest that successfully pressured the government of Honduras and the world's largest dam builder to withdraw from building the Agua Zarca Dam.

Vital Voices: Hawa Abdi

Produced by:Aaron Kisner
Dr. Hawa Abdi is Somalia's first female gynecologist. When the central government collapsed in 1989, Dr. Abdi's one-room clinic on her family farm began treating and housing local people fleeing the fighting.

Eva Haller - A Hero for All Time

By: Jeanne Meyers
Mentor, Philanthropist, Activist

My Family Journey: Pathway to Empowering Hispanic Women

Angelina Pendleton-Mendez
Angelina Pendleton-Mendez interviews Maria Mendez, her paternal grandmother about her family and their journey.


Produced by:by Jeanne Meyers & Wendy Milette
Esther Wojcicki shares her vision for a Moonshot Movement in Education.

Wangari Maathai: Founder of the Green Belt Movement and Environmental Hero from Kenya

By: Laura Nietzer
30-minute lesson plan honoring Wangari Maathai using MY HERO multimedia resources. Discussion questions are included.


Produced by:Rebecca Stern

2020 Eva Haller WTM Award winner. Rebecca Stern reads a letter to her mom and talks about a special memory they shared.


These mothers and grandmothers advocate for those they love... whether their own children and grandchildren, or those of others. Their giving spirit is celebrated this holiday season and every day of the year.


Anna Jarvis

By: Claudia from Costa Mesa
Anna Jarvis is the mother of Mother's Day.

Martha Graham

By: Tina from Leawood
Martha Graham was an American modern dancer and choreographer, known as the "Mother of Modern Dance".

Elaine Alsop

By: Kami Bodine from Billings, Montana
Kami's mother became a self-sufficient nurse despite familial odds.

The Neighborhood Mother

By: A Very Thankful Child

This story honors a neighborhood "mother" who changed the life of the writer.

Frances Manuel, Native American Woman Hero

By: Deborah Neff, MY HERO Staff writer
Frances Manuel, who was born in the early part of the 20th century, quietly changed the world of her people and the people she met through her basket weaving and cultural presentations.

Frances Moore Lappé (Lappe)

By: Rosemary Pritzker
Hero Frances Moore Lappe is a passionate and pioneering thinker and activist who fights world hunger.

Wangari Maathai

By: Frances Moore Lappe
Wangari Maathai was an environmental activist and Nobel laureate who founded the Green Belt movement.

Sula Tsioros (Yiayia)

By: Connor Tsioros
Connor's hero is his grandmother, Sula Tsioros, who moved to Canada when she was 18 and fulfilled her dream of becoming a hairdresser.

Yasmine Sherif 2021

By: Abigail Richardson


"She’s a miracle filled with golden treasure / With pure innocence beyond measure"

Mother Teresa

By: Sara Soliven
Helping Homeless Moms
Credit: CSM

Students from around the world honor their mothers.


Jaydan de Thierry from Auckland in New Zealand

My mum is my hero. Literally.

Without her, I'd probably not exist. Or I would be starving. But she's here, guiding me through thick and thin, always loving me, never faltering. Yes we have arguments, yes we get angry at each other, but guess what? We put all that behind us, and we don't talk about it. Just yesterday we had an argument, but now I'm eating a plate of freshly baked cookies. She always helps me with school when I need, saving me more than once from overdue work, helping me bang on and do it, always there for me.             

Sometimes I think she is strict, but she isn't. Well, I guess she is, but in a good way. She is teaching me always, helping me always, loving me. Always. When she is angry, she still loves me, when I'm angry at her, I know inside that I love her. We've laughed together, cried together... well, she cried, and it's mostly when we watch Disney movies, so...

My Mum is my hero. Always there for me. Always.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum. Enjoy it. You're my hero.


Kyndall Halseth from California

My mother is a nurse. She has been working so many days due to this Coronavirus. She is a lifesaver to her patients and even though this virus is scary and is life or death, she puts so much work into helping others with the virus. I'm glad that I know that she is helping anyone that she could help at the hospital. My mother is a hero. She is the type of person that has worked so hard and that will keep working hard to help others that need help.


Angelli Ochoa from Tampico

Mother, you don't know how much I love you and I will love you. Of course, you must be able to imagine it very well because there is no person in this world who is capable of loving in such an immense way as you. I am trying, I assure you, but I am not able to express everything that comes to my heart when I think of you. You are a great woman, full of titles that you can not boast about, and so strong that you can with everything before something takes the happiness of those you love most.

When I was a child I thought you were a kind of superheroine, that was a long time ago... but today I am fully convinced that you are. Titled in love, at every moment you have taken care of my wounds in the knees and in the heart, healing with your kisses all my pain.

Mother, you were my babysitter, my nurse, my confessor, my teacher of life, my eternal companion... You have always known how to seal my sleeplessness and my worries. Someday you will tell me how you acquired that great skill, because being your daughter is a great privilege and I want my children to feel the same.


Kaydince K from USA

My hero is my mom because she is strong, independent, and faithful. My mom works two jobs, and raises five kids on her own because my dad can't be here at the moment. My mom has managed to stay strong and healthy for all of us kids and for the rest of our family. She manages to keep her smile on her face even when she feels down and upset. She suffers from many health problems and still is able to get through the day without having breakdowns and without losing herself. Overall, my mom is my hero because she is always positive and always has something kind to say about someone even if she has no respect for them, and even though times get hard, she still has time to talk to all of us kids individually if we need her. I thank her for giving me the life I have, because without her I wouldn't be where I am now.

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Listen & Read Along

The following story has a link so you can hear the audio as you read. Great for ESL students and the visually impaired!

Dr. Jeni Stepanek

By: Slater Jewell-Kemker
Dr. Jeni Stepanek is interviewed by MY HERO's Slater Jewell-Kemker.


Motherhood in Uncertainty

By: Rowan E Blankemeyer
Honoring all mothers and motherhood.

My Mom

By: Tammy Zack of Taft High School

My mom is my heroine because she tries to balance her home and work life. 

Peace Mom (Cindy Sheehan) by K E Harleston

By: K.E. Harleston, 20 x 26 inches, colored pencil and chalk pastel on paper

Cindy Sheehan is considered a hero activist to many people in the peace movement. She has spoken out against war 

My Mom by Fatimatah Bindi Diallo from Senegal

By: Fatimatah Bindi Diallo
Senegal artist Fatimatah Bindi Diallo portrays her hero, her mother

Mother and Child by Ben Milch

By: Ben Milch
A loving portrait of a family unit

Native Mom and Baby by Ben Milch


Ben Milch devotes this artwork to a Native American mother and her baby

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