MY HERO’s 2022 Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award Finalists

by Abigail Richardson from MY HERO


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Press Release

MY HERO is delighted to announce the 2022 Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award Finalists, sponsored by the MacGillivray family. The 2022 award comes with up to a $1000 Cash Prize from MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation.

The Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award 2022 Finalists

Adult Finalists:

148353MY HEROAdult Finalists

In no particular order!

An uplifting story about two best friends, Isaac and James and their discovery of the cause-and-effect relationship between our cities' storm drains and the world's oceans, lakes and rivers.

Conservation photographer, Nina Constable, talks about her work as a videographer, her passion for nature and wildlife and the ocean heroes she has met through filming the Sky Ocean Rescue projects around the UK.

Learn about 90-year-old Wayan Nyo from Indonesia, who does his part to clean the ocean and make the world a much better place.

This film introduces Sea Heroes who are working to restore the depleted coral reefs of the Florida Keys.

Scotland’s inspirational young climate leaders are sharing their passion about tackling climate change. One of three short-films released ahead of the UN CoP26 negotiations, this one focuses on blue carbon and other nature-based solutions from the ocean environment.

Through this film, Oceana calls on the UK government to introduce a ban on bottom trawling along the whole UK coast and in all marine protected areas.

Charlotte Banfield is a world-class para surfer that, until a few years ago, was completely afraid of water. As a teenager, she said that even rain touching her skin gave her anxiety. She has autism, cerebral palsy, and bipolar disorder. This documentary explores what has drawn her to the ocean and how it has completely transformed her life. 

In a bold attempt to defend our waters, two marine researchers and photographers embark on a wild search for the Crested Weedfish. The goal, capture a powerful photo of the rarely seen fish before its home is damaged beyond repair. 

148353MY HEROStudent Finalists

Student Finalists:

In no particular order!

How do interactions between the Earth's rocky crust, molten core, and liquid oceans create hydrothermal vents?

Oluwaseyi Moejoh from Nigeria and Heather Brockbank from the Bahamas share their stories of ocean activism.

A short film by middle schooler, Noah Schreiner. I traveled to Dolphin Research Center to gain and share inspiration on how we can all do our part to help solve the problem of plastics in the ocean

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The Sponsors

MY HERO would like to thank the generosity of the MacGillivray family for their continued support and generous annual sponsorship of the award.

MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation’s One World One Ocean Campaign sponsors the ‘Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award’ annually at the MY HERO International Film Festival. One World One Ocean is a global non-profit campaign designed to emotionally connect people to the world's ocean. Its mission is to raise awareness of ocean degradation, inspire audiences through cinematography, and spark a global movement to protect our seas. See more here: sylvia-earle-ocean-conservation-award

About Sylvia Earle

Sylvia Earle is a world-renowned oceanographer, explorer and research scientists who has led more than 70 expeditions, logging more than 6,500 hours underwater. Formally chief scientist of NOAA, and now a National Geographic explorer-in-residence, she was awarded the 2009 TED Prize for her proposal to establish a global network of marine protected areas, called “hope spots.” She is an inspiration to ocean activists everywhere, including One World One Ocean where she serves as principal advisor to the campaign.

Said Greg MacGillivray, Chairman of MacGillivray Freeman Films, Sylvia Earle is our ocean hero, and we hope this award inspires aspiring filmmakers to shine a spotlight on other dedicated people from all walks of life who are working tirelessly on behalf of our oceans.

Ongoing submissions. Next Deadline March 1 - Final Deadline 5/1/2023.

Do you love the ocean? Do you want to make a difference? The MY HERO Project is calling for entries for short films that best address issues of ocean conservation for the 2023 ‘Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award’.

For more information go to: sylvia-earle-ocean-conservation-award

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The MY HERO International Film Festival brings together professional and youth filmmakers who honor local and global heroes working for positive change in the world.  Thanks to generous sponsors, prizes are awarded to elementary, middle school, high school, college and professionals in a variety of categories including documentary, narrative, music video, animation, experimental, and more.

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