International Holocaust Remembrance Day | Helpers Resisters

Honoring those who fought, resisted and helped others during the Holocaust.

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Films honoring Resistance Fighters and Helpers

The White Rose

By: Ian Kim
The story of the German students who resisted the Nazis by distributing incendiary leaflets.

The Forgotten Hero - Carl Lutz

By: Daniel Joseph Taylor
This video is about the Holocaust hero Carl Lutz, who saved 62,000 Jews during his lifetime.

Rescue Heroes of the Holocaust Stories

Oskar Schindler

By: Arina from San Diego

Oskar Schindler defied the Nazis, risked his life, and saved over a thousand Jews by having them work in his factories. He is the subject of the biopic "Schindler's List."

Emilie Schindler

By: Ethan Green

Emilie Schindler, wife of Oskar Schindler, is an unsung hero of the Holocaust.

Kurt Klein

Kurt Klein brought, among others, his future wife, Gerda, and Oskar Schindler, to safety.

Varian Fry

By: Elliott from Columbia

Varian Fry helped thousands of refugees escape from France during WWII.

Raoul Wallenberg

By: Ms. Fraser's Class

By issuing passports and creating safe houses in Hungary, Raoul Wallenberg saved the lives of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust.

Maximilian Kolbe

By: Richard Grimm

Maximilian Kolbe was a Catholic priest known for his great humanity during WWII.

Hermine Santrouschitz (Miep Gies)

By: Student from RSM

Hermine Santrouschitz (Miep Gies) kept Anne Frank and her family safely hidden from the Nazis.

Tuvia Bielski

By: Andrew from San Diego
“I would rather save one old Jewish woman than kill 10 Nazi soldiers”-Tuvia Bielski

Giorgio Perlasca

By: Matt from Atlanta

Giorgio Perlasca saved the lives of thousands of Jews during WWII.

Raja Weksler

By: Melissa from Linwood
Raja Weksler helped her daughter survive in a concentration camp.

Heroes of the Holocaust Stories Available in Audio So You Can Listen & Read Along

Irena Sendler

By: Kelly from Spokane

Irena Sendler helped Jewish children escape the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust. 

Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara

By: Jacob from Fredericksburg

Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara believed in freedom and saved many Jews during WWII. 

Friedl Dicker-Brandeis

By: Taylor Copeland

Friedl Dicker-Brandeis was an artist and teacher who gave children hope during the Holocaust. 

Corrie Ten Boom

By: Maddi--14, Maine USA

Corrie Ten Boom risked her life to help hundreds of Jews escape during WWII. 

Told by a Family Member

David Lissak

By: Ariel from Montreal

David Lissak helped teens get back into school and will be missed by his family.

Resistance Fighters

Janusz Korczak

By: Ashton Merritt

Was the director of an orphanage who refused sanctuary and stayed with his orphans, even to the extermination camp.

The Danish Resistance

By: Karthik from Washington

The Danish Resistance acted bravely in a time of darkness.

Ivan Beltrami

By: Jonathan from Washington

Ivan Beltrami joined the resistance during WWII and saved many Jews.

Joseph Rotblat

By: Dr. Bernard Lown

Joseph Rotblat was a Polish physicist with a British passport who walked away from his position at the Los Alamos lab.

From the MY HERO Library

From the MY HERO Library | Books on the Holocaust

By: MY HERO Staff
Books on the Holocaust curated by MY HERO Staff for readers of different age groups.

Rescuers: Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust

By: Gay Block, Malka Drucker
FROM THE PUBLISHER Who are the rescuers,...
"The International Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27th commemorates the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest and one of the most deadly of the Nazi death camps, on that day in 1945. Over one million people, mostly Jews, were killed in Auschwitz. Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Eleven million human beings across political, social, national, and religious lines, were killed as victims of Nazi persecution. Seventy-five years later, we reflect back on humanity’s worst impulses—Yet in choosing to commemorate the liberation of the camp alongside recalling the suffering that took place in it, the historical moment reminds us that we should persist toward hope and justice, and that it is in our power to fight against such evil—and to win."
Deb Donig

by Dr. Deb Donig, Assistant Professor of English Literature, Cal Poly

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day | Artwork

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Holocaust Remembrance through Art submitted to the Gallery

International Holocaust Remembrance Day | Heroes Working to Stop Future Genocide

By: MY HERO Staff
Heroes Working to Stop Future Genocide

Anne Frank & Miep Gies

By: Erin Gruwell

Anne Frank & Miep Gies are heroes to Freedom Writers founder and teacher, Erin Gruwell.

Righteous Conversations - MEDIA Award

Produced by:Righteous Conversations Project
Righteous Conversations Project mentors youth to tell stories that promote tolerance.

The Righteous Conversations Project


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Credit: USHMM

International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
Credit: International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

Echoes and Reflections Holocaust Teacher Resources for Middle and High School
Credit: Echoes and Reflections

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