Language Arts

Elementary Grade Level Language Arts Activities

By: Laura Nietzer
MY HERO Free Curated Resources for Elementary Students

Using MY HERO Free Resources for Language Arts

By: Laura Nietzer

Free MY HERO Resources and Lesson Ideas to Use for Virtual Education due to School Closing and Homeschooling. Organized by Grade Level. 

Environmental Science 

Students watch a selection of curated films from the MY HERO Multimedia Library to enhance learning at home and school.

Environmental Film Selections for Elementary Students

By: Laura Nietzer

Environmental Films Selections for Middle School Students

By: Laura Nietzer

Environmental Film Selections for High School Students

By: Laura Nietzer

MY HERO Multimedia Ocean Conservation Resources for Elementary Students

By: Laura Nietzer

MY HERO Multimedia Ocean Conservation Resources for Middle School Students

By: Laura Nietzer

MY HERO Multimedia Ocean Conservation Resources for High School Students

By: Laura Nietzer

Watch Films About Young People Making a Difference

Words Have Power

Produced by:Lynne Cherry

10-year-old Jaysa rallies the community with her speeches about how the power plant causes asthma.

The Last Straw

Lynne Cherry

Nine-year-old Milo Cress is concerned about the millions of straws that pollute waterways, waste fossil-fuel resources and harm ocean creatures. 

Olivia's Birds and the Oil Spill

Produced by:Lynne Cherry
Young Olivia loves birds, and creates over 500 paintings of her feathered friends to raise funds for Audubon's bird rescue.

The Secret of Trees

Produced by:Albert Maysles
What do trees know that we don't? 13-year-old inventor Aiden set out to find out.

Young Voices for the Planet - Plant for the Planet

Produced by:Lynne Cherry
Felix from Germany is inspired by Wangari Maathai's work to plant trees with his fellow pupils.


Produced by:Diane Namm
When 8-year old Vivienne Harr heard about children suffering from human trafficking, she founded Make a Stand Lemon-aid to raise funds to fight child slavery.

Social Studies

For Homeschooling and Virtual Education to Enrich Learning

MY HERO Multimedia Social Studies Resources for Elementary Students: A Peaceful World

By: Laura Nietzer

MY HERO Multimedia Resources for Middle School Students: Peace Activism

By: Laura Nietzer

MY HERO Multimedia Resources for High School Students: Conflict Resolution and Peace

By: Laura Nietzer

MY HERO Curated Resources for Middle and High School Students - Youth Activists

By: Laura Nietzer
Inspire your students and enhance their learning at home with these resources from MY HERO

MY HERO Curated Resources for Middle and High School Students - Civil Rights

By: Laura Nietzer

Use these resources to inspire compassion and activism in your students, and ask them to identify a civil rights issue they can learn more about.

Create original hero artwork and upload it to share in the MY HERO Gallery.

Link: Use the MY HERO Art Gallery with Students
Credit: MY HERO

Listen and Read Along Stories for ESL Students

Using MY HERO for ESL, ELL and EFL Students

By: Laura Nietzer

English Language Learners can listen as they read MY HERO's inspiring stories to further their English language proficiency and learn about international heroes.


Nurture creativity and self expression by encouraging your children to participate in MY HERO's numerous contests. They can work offline at home on projects creating poems, art, essays, songs and short films about a hero to share with our global community. 

Click on the banners for details and deadlines. 

MY HERO Contests (https://myhero.com/herocontests)
Credit: MY HERO

Students can share their Hero Essays, Films and Art through our Create Program

How to use MY HERO's Create Program to Publish Stories, Art, Film and Audio for Students

Tutorial for students: Publish written stories, film, original artwork and audio in MY HERO's multimedia library.

Create Program
Credit: MY HERO

Outstanding essays submitted to MY HERO will be considered for a certificate/t-shirt prize or be featured on the Story Homepage.

Submit your artwork to be entered in the MY HERO art contest or to be exhibited on our Gallery Homepage.

Students can submit their films for free with a waiver to the MY HERO International Film Festival.

How to Organize Your Students' or Child's Published Work

Click Here for Information About Organizing Student Work

Additional Resources Available in the Teachers Room

MY HERO's Teachers Room
Credit: MY HERO

For Additional Resources and Lesson Plans, Go to the MY HERO Lesson Plan Center

Lesson Plan Center
Credit: MY HERO

Learn about a New Hero Every Day of the Year: Use the MY HERO Calendar in the Classroom

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