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Hero Lesson Plans and Multi-Media Content for the Academic Year

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Curated Multimedia Thematic Lesson Resources to use Throughout the Year

Labor Day | First Monday of September
International Day of Peace | September 21
Character Education Day | September 26
Native American Heritage Month | November
Human Rights Day | December 10
National Mentoring Month | January

International Holocaust Remembrance Day | January 27
Lesson Plan Martin Luther King, Jr. Day | January 21
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Women's History Month | March

Poetry Appreciation Month | April
Jazz Appreciation Month | April
Earth Day | April 22
World Ocean Day | June 8

Thematic Resources

Media Arts Education Resources Organized by Grade Level
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Visual Arts Resources Organized by Grade Level
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English Language arts Resources Organized by Grade Level
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Text with Audio Resources and Links for ESL, ELL and EFL Students
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Environmental Film Selections Organized by Grade Level
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Character Education Resources
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Lesson Plan Resources by Month

A curriculum developed by the MY HERO Staff to enrich learning in classrooms with films, art, and stories curated from our library. Enhance learning in your classroom with inspiring lesson plans.


Character Day Multimedia Resources

Social Justice / Labor Day Multimedia Resource Showcase

International Literacy Day Lesson Plan

National Grandparents Day Lesson Plan

National Day of Service and Remembrance Lesson Plan

Dan Eldon Lesson Plan

International Day of Peace Lesson Plan


Little Rock Nine Lesson Plan

National Hispanic Heritage Month Lesson Plan




Hispanic Heritage Month Resources in English and Spanish

LGBT History Month Lesson Plan

World Space Week Lesson Plan

Mental Health Awareness Week Lesson Plan

International Day of the Girl Lesson Plan

World Food Day Lesson Plan

UN Disarmament Week Lesson Plan

Global Media and Information Literacy Week Lesson Plan



Indigenous Peoples /Native American Heritage Multimedia Resource Showcase

Native American Heritage Month Lesson Plan

International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists Lesson Plan

International Education Week Lesson Plan

World Science Day for Peace and Development Lesson Plan

World Kindness Day Lesson Plan

International Day for Tolerance Lesson Plan

Universal Children's Day Lesson Plan

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women Lesson Plan

Georgia O'Keeffe Lesson Plan and Resources

Claude Monet Lesson Plan and Resources

Madeleine L'Engle Lesson Plan





International Day for the Abolition of Slavery Lesson Plan

Human Rights Day Lesson Plan

US Bill of Rights Day Lesson Plan

International Migrants Day Lesson Plan

International Migrants Day Multimedia Resource Showcase



Martin Luther King Jr. Day Resource Showcase

National Mentoring Month Multimedia Resource Showcase

Holocaust Remembrance Day Lesson Plan



Black History Month Multimedia Resource Showcase



Women's History Month Lesson Plan

Women's History Month Multimedia Resource Showcase

Developmental Disabilities Month Lesson Plan

Developmental Disabilities Month Multimedia Resource Showcase



Poetry Appreciation Month Lesson Plan

Poetry Appreciation Month Multimedia Resource Showcase

World Health Day Lesson Plan

World Health Day Multimedia Resource Showcase

Global Youth Service Day Lesson Plan

Global Youth Service Day Multimedia Resource Showcase

Earth Day Lesson Plan

Earth Day Multimedia Resource Showcase

Wangari Maathai (Founder of the Green Belt Movement) Lesson Plan

Wangari Maathai Multimedia Resources Showcase

Kim Phuc Lesson Plan

Kim Phuc Multimedia Resource Showcase

Maya Angelou Lesson Plan

Maya Angelou Multimedia Resource Showcase

Jane Goodall Lesson Plan

Jane Goodall Multimedia Resource Showcase



World Press Freedom Day Lesson Plan

International Day for Biological Diversity Lesson Plan

International Day of UN Peacekeepers Lesson Plan



LGBT Pride Month Lesson Plan

World Environment Day Lesson Plan

World Oceans Day Multimedia Resource Showcase

World Ocean Day Lesson Plan

World Refugee Day Lesson Plan

Public Service Day Lesson Plan



Thurgood Marshall Lesson Plan

Ron Kovic Lesson Plan

Dalai Lama Lesson Plan

Malala Yousafzai Lesson Plan

Mattie Stepanek Lesson Plan

Nelson Mandela Lesson Plan

Viola Vaughn Lesson Plan



James Baldwin Lesson Plan

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lesson Plan

International Youth Day Lesson Plan

Melinda Gates Lesson Plan

World Humanitarian Day Lesson Plan

International Day of Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition Lesson Plan

Women's Equality Day Lesson Plan

Katherine Johnson Lesson Plan

Sylvia Earle Lesson Plan






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