International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 27

Credit: Anne Frank by Natalie from Laguna High School

Teachers: Visit the free MY HERO Holocaust Remembrance Day Lesson Plan. Includes discussion guide and learning outcomes.

Eva Haller - Holocaust Survivor and MY HERO Board Member

Eva Haller is a Hungarian-American philanthropist, Holocaust survivor, and activist. Haller was born in Budapest, Hungary. She survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary as well as the Soviet Siege of Budapest.

During World War II, Eva participated in the Hungarian resistance.
Credit: Eva Haller and MY HERO

Eva Haller

By: Vincent
Born May 9, Dr. Eva Haller is a Hungarian-American philanthropist, activist, executive and MY HERO Board Member.

Watch and read about this film from the 19th MY HERO Film Festival

'A Prayer for My Mother: The Eva Brettler Story' by The Righteous Conversations Project

By: Naomi Gledhill
A Prayer for My Mother: The Eva Brettler Story wins the Women Transforming Media Category of the 2023 MY HERO International Film Festival.

A Prayer for My Mother: The Eva Brettler Story

By: Cheri Gaulke and Samara Hutman
An animated film that chronicles the extraordinary saga of Holocaust survivor Eva Brettler – a child facing brutality and profound loss who finds sustenance in faith and her own dreams for the future.

Collections of Hero Stories for Holocaust Remembrance - Click to Learn

The MY HERO Project Celebrates International Holocaust Remembrance Day

By: Deborah Neff, MY HERO Staff writer
THE MY HERO Project offers thousands of resources for the topic of International Holocaust Day.

Films for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

By: Laura Nietzer
First hand accounts of the Holocaust through films.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day | Artwork

By: MY HERO Staff
Holocaust Remembrance through Art submitted to the Gallery

International Holocaust Remembrance Day | Voices of Survivors

By: MY HERO Staff
International Holocaust Remembrance Day is observed to inscribe the atrocities of the Holocaust into our hearts and our history. To that end it is important to hear the testimony of the survivors of the Holocaust.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day | Helpers Resisters

By: MY HERO Staff
Honoring those who fought, resisted and helped others during the Holocaust.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day | Text With Audio

By: Laura Nietzer
Let us never forget the Holocaust. These stories all have text with an audio link allowing students to listen as they read along.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day | Heroes Working to Stop Future Genocide

By: MY HERO Staff
Heroes Working to Stop Future Genocide

Julia Mintz is a writer, producer and director who focuses on highlighting accounts of resistance and valor. Her first feature-length documentary, Four Winters, explores the collective experience of Jewish partisans during the Second World War.

Julia Mintz: Director of Four Winters

By: Naomi Gledhill
Julia Mintz is a writer, producer and director of a feature documentary on the Jewish Resistance movement during WWII, "Four Winters."

Eva Haller Salon - Julia Mintz

Eva Haller

Showcase of Films for Holocaust Remembrance

The Forgotten Hero - Carl Lutz

Daniel Joseph Taylor
This video is about the Holocaust hero Carl Lutz, who saved 62,000 Jews during his lifetime.

Trudie's Goose

C. Lily Ericsson, Cheri Gaulke, Samara Hutman and Liran Kapel
When a young girl preparing for her Bat Mitzvah befriends a Holocaust survivor elder, both lives are changed forever as they journey from darkness to healing through the power of art.

Stitching a Life: The Story of Trudie Strobel

Produced by:Carter Beardmore, Michael Zambrano, Lauren Rothman, Cheri Gaulke, Sa...
Based on the life and art of Holocaust survivor Trudie Strobel. A production of the Righteous Conversations Project.

Inseparable: The Story of Elly and Lya

Gabriela Barrett, Alexander McDaniel, Idalis McZeal, Noa Nelson, Grace Sandman, ...
Dutch sisters, born on the same day but years apart, are separated by the Holocaust and raised in hiding by two very different families.

I Am A Traister: The Sarah Moskovitz Story

Produced by:Cheri Gaulke, Samara Hutman
I Am A Traister: The Sarah Moskovitz Story is an animated film made by teens that tells the story of an unsung hero now in her 90s.

The White Rose

Ian Kim
The story of the German students who resisted the Nazis by distributing incendiary leaflets.

HIAS - For the Refugee

This film was produced for World Refugee Day, to publicise and spread awareness on HIAS' mission and values for the last 130 years.

Stories Told by Family Members

My Grandfather Harry

By: Ellisha from Montreal, Quebec in Canada

"My grandfather was a normal child, just like you and me. However, something horrifying occurred that changed his life forever."

David Lissak

By: Ariel from Montreal

David Lissak helped teens get back into school and will be missed by his family.

"The International Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27th commemorates the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest and one of the most deadly of the Nazi death camps, on that day in 1945. Over one million people, mostly Jews, were killed in Auschwitz. Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Eleven million human beings across political, social, national, and religious lines, were killed as victims of Nazi persecution. Seventy-five years later, we reflect back on humanity’s worst impulses—Yet in choosing to commemorate the liberation of the camp alongside recalling the suffering that took place in it, the historical moment reminds us that we should persist toward hope and justice, and that it is in our power to fight against such evil—and to win."
Deb Donig

by Dr. Deb Donig, Assistant Professor of English Literature, Cal Poly

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Ian Kim's Animation, 'The White Rose,' is a Film Festival Finalist in Several Categories

By: Deborah Neff, MY HERO Staff writer

The Righteous Conversations Project

Anne Frank & Miep Gies

By: Erin Gruwell

Anne Frank & Miep Gies are heroes to Freedom Writers founder and teacher, Erin Gruwell.

Righteous Conversations - MEDIA Award

Produced by:Righteous Conversations Project
Righteous Conversations Project mentors youth to tell stories that promote tolerance.

Daniel Taylor wins WOJ Youth Reporter Middle School Award at 2022 MY HERO Film Festival

By: Natalia Osuna
Daniel Taylor wins WOJ Youth Reporter Middle School Award at 2022 MY HERO Film Festival

Eva Haller - A Hero for All Time

By: Jeanne Meyers
Mentor, Philanthropist, Activist


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Credit: USHMM

International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
Credit: International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

Echoes and Reflections Holocaust Teacher Resources for Middle and High School
Credit: Echoes and Reflections

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