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Best of Fest

Best of Fest
Light of the Himalaya
Produced by Michael Brown and David D'Angelo
Dr. Geoff Tabin and Dr. Sanduk Ruit
This spectacular film follows the work of doctors who provide eye surgeries to the people of Nepal.

VIEW (28.8 MB) - 10 Minutes


1st Place
Produced by Tatchapon Lertwirojkul

In the vast universe, a heroic robot saves an important life.

Large (27 MB) - 4 Minutes

2nd Place
Bai Ri Meng (Daydream)
Produced by Jennifer Tippins

A mother and daughter dream of spending the day together. THIS FILM HAD TO BE TAKE DOWN at Filmmaker request.

3rd Place
The Ballad of Thaddeus Lowe
Produced by Kelly Jones

The Ballad of Thaddeus Lowe highlights the life of the one time aeronaut and pioneer.

Large (32 MB) - 5 Minutes

3rd Place
Tea Reverie
Produced by Yonsu Kim

An enchanting animated tale in a surreal forest.

Large (27 MB) - 4 Minutes
Elementary School

1st Place
Feather Flowers
Produced by Meg and Lacey

A young woman talks to her hero, her grandmother, who tells her stories of her early life in Australia.

Large (20 MB) - 3 Minutes

2nd Place
The Last Days of June
Produced by Rachel Kole and Stephanie Simmons

June Liston is an integral part of student's lives at Hackham East.

Large (21.5 MB) - 3 Minutes

3rd Place
Billie Remembers
Produced by Maddie Cox

Billie remembers inspiring moments with legendary ballerina Anna Pavlova.

Large (29 MB) - 4 Minutes

1st Place
Valentina Mindoljevic
Produced by Emina Kujundzic and Goran Tiro
Valentina Mindoljevic
Valentina Mindoljevic is a physics teacher in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina who challenges and inspires her students.

Large (31.1 MB) - 5:08 Minutes

2nd Place
Black/White & All That Jazz
Produced by Betty Bailey and Carol Lynde
Herb Jeffries
Herb Jeffries's life is musical, colorful, and fascinating.

Large (31 MB) - 10 Minutes

3rd Place
Adams Sie
Produced by Cheikh Darou Seck
Adams Sie
Adams Sie is a filmmaker from Senegal who raises awareness with his films.

Large (N/A MB) - 9 Minutes

Middle School

1st Place
Bring Them Home
Produced by Gracie McMahon and Bailey Winston

Two young reporters talk to protesters about the struggle for peace.

Large (30.1 MB) - 8 Minutes

2nd Place
Hipolito Rodriguez: A Quest for La Joyita
Produced by Marino Miranda Noriega and Andres Galindo Gomez of Crafts School, Mexico
Hipolito Rodriguez
Hipolito Rodriguez is galvanizing the people to help save the forests.

Large (24 MB) - 3:30 Minutes

3rd Place
Leonardo Da Vinci
Produced by Mariana Rodriguez and Jose Javier of Crafts School, Mexico

Students discover the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Large (14 MB) - 2 Minutes

3rd Place
The Wright Brothers
Produced by Rafael Campillo of Crafts School, Mexico

A story about the heroic Wright Brothers, who made flight possible.

Large (35 MB) - 5 Minutes


1st Place
Malaria Queen
Produced by Mame Fatou Ndiaye
Oumoul Khayry Sow
A young woman's hero, Oumoul, is called "Malaria Queen" because of her tenacious drive to eradicate malaria.

Large (27 MB) - 11 Minutes

1st Place
Breakdancers of Konik City
Produced by George Grayson, DJ Aki Muric, Kate Carr and Boro Milovic
Breakdancers of Konik City
This wonderful piece is about a crew of Roma (gypsies) breakdancers from a slum outside Podgorica called Konik City. This project was produced as part of the MY HERO Global Exchange Workshops held in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Large (31 MB) - 4:48 Minutes

2nd Place
Life Needs Art
Produced by Xheladin Poshka, Olsa Maze and Perica Sazdovski

According to the filmmakers of this piece, all you need in life are hugs! This project was produced as part of the MY HERO Global Exchange Workshops held at Loja in Tetova, Macedonia.

Large (27 MB) - 3:02 Minutes

3rd Place
Bosna Bakery
Produced by Adis Guso
Baftir Fidani
A moving essay about a bakery in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, that gives food to the poor.

Large (31 MB) - 5:33 Minutes

High School

1st Place
Peace Begins
Produced by Slater Jewell-Kemker

Slater works with other youth activists in a colorful celebration of Peace Day.

Large (30 MB) - 5 Minutes

2nd Place
Produced by Logan Cascia, Kelsey Dimond and Jeff Mondlock
Tommy Carroll
Tommy doesn't let his blindness get in the way of having adventures!

Large (30.7 MB) - 6:47 Minutes

3rd Place
Pinnaroo Surfer
Produced by Kade Richardson

A surfer shows that you don't need to be limited by your surroundings.

Large (23.9 MB) - 3.5 Minutes

3rd Place
Congo Star
Produced by Nicholas Callander

Sylvie survived the civil war in the Congo to be a successful student, teacher, and friend.

Large (29 MB) - 3.5 Minutes

1st Place
Produced by Shaun MacGillivray
Joey Masella
Joey is a remarkable hero who captured the heart of filmmaker Shaun MacGilllivray.

Large (35 MB) - 5 Minutes

2nd Place
Tetovo Hero City
Produced by Zoran Ilic, Arta Abazi and Predrag Kocevski.

This short film about the city of Tetovo as a hero was created during the MY HERO Global Exchange Workshops in Tetovo, Macedonia .

Large (29.3 MB) - 3:19 Minutes

3rd Place
Plastic Plague
Produced by Jody Lemmon
Captain Charles Moore
Plastic pollution is threatening the ocean's ecosystems, but we can work together to prevent further damage!

Large (31.2 MB) - 4:46 Minutes


1st Place
Produced by Ambika Samarthya
The shelter Ashray provides children affected by HIV with a safe place to live, study, and play.

Large (29.1 MB) - 6 Minutes

2nd Place
The Recording Club
Produced by Kristopher Wallin
Alan Elliott
Kids in South Central Los Angeles get a music lesson to remember.

Large (36 MB) - 6:31 Minutes

3rd Place
Eco-Warriors: Guardians of Surf
Produced by James Pribram
James Pribram and Vince Deur
Activist Surfer makes a difference in protecting the ocean.

Large (24 MB) - 5 Minutes

3rd Place
Move With Me
Produced by YLL �ITAKU

A poetic film of the heroic children from Kosovo after the war.

Large (18MB) - 10Minutes
Feature - Segments

1st Place
Light of the Himalaya
Produced by Michael Brown and David D'Angelo

This spectacular film follows the work of doctors who provide eye surgeries to the people of Nepal.

Large (28.8 MB) - 10 Minutes

2nd Place
Darius Goes West
Produced by Logan Smalley
Darius Weems
Darius captures the hearts of a nation on his journey west to spread awareness about Muscular Dystrophy.

Large (33 MB) - 10 Minutes

3rd Place
Nobelity: Jody Williams
Produced by Turk Pipkin
Jody Williams
Nobel Laureate Jody Williams, who won the Peace Prize in 1997, worked to ban land mines.

Large (35 MB) - 5 Minutes
Best Narrative
Jonathan Brown and the Lost Penguin
Produced by Sarah Stephen

Two heroes save a lost penguin and return him safely to his homeland.

VIEW (33 MB) - 13 Minutes
MY HERO Reporter Award
Slater Jewell-Kemker
Produced by My Hero

Slater is an amazing young woman dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.

VIEW (25.4 MB) - 8 Minutes
Special Hero Awards

Hero Award
Human Relations Media: Jason McElwain
Produced by Anson Schloat/John G. Young

"J.Mac," as he's known to his friends, proved his mettle in an amazing game of basketball.

Large (26 MB) - 3 Minutes

Hero Award
Lamont Johnson
Produced by Dalila Droege

Lamont Johnson is an inspiring tap dancer and teacher.

Large (10 MB) - 1 Minute

Hero Award
Nobelity: Desmond Tutu
Produced by Turk Pipkin

Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu, who won the Peace Prize in 1984, shares his inspiration with us.

Large (35 MB) - 5 Minutes

Hero Award
Nobelity: Sir Joseph Rotblat
Produced by Turk Pipkin

Nobel Laureate Sir Joseph Rotblat, who won the Peace Prize in 1995, wanted to rid the world of nuclear arms.

Large (26 MB) - 5.5 Minutes

Hero Award

Tribute to Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Produced by The MY HERO Project

Eunice Kennedy Shriver is the founder and honorary chairperson of Special Olympics.

Large (22 MB) - 2.5 Minutes

Hero Award
Tribute to Ron Kovic
Produced by The MY HERO Project

Ron Kovic is a peacemaker hero and continues to make the world a better place.

Large (25.4 MB) - 3 Minutes

Hero Award
Tribute to Skip Blumberg
Produced by Skip Blumberg

A tribute to Skip Blumberg and his heroic efforts to save City Hall Park.

Large (16 MB) - 4 Minutes