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Best of Fest

Best of Fest
Law of Love
Produced by Rahul Brown
Friends Without Borders

In 2007, children from Pakistan and India wrote letters to each other for peace.

Large (33 MB) - 5 Minutes
Media Award

Media Award
Pray the Devil Back to Hell
Director Gini Reticker, Producer Abigail Disney (USA)

This important documentary sheds light on the "Womens Peace Movement of Liberia," and celebrates these unsung heroes.

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Law of Love
Produced by Rahul Brown

In 2007, children from Pakistan and India wrote letters to each other for peace.

Large (33 MB) - 5 Minutes

2nd Place
Itipini Community Project
Produced by Rahul Brown
Itipini Commnity Project

Children and workers alike in the Itipini slum of South Africa find hope.

Large (18.6 MB) - 3.5 Minutes

3rd Place
Telling Jokes in Auschwitz
Produced by Sandi Bachom and Mikal Reich
Werner Reich

Werner Reich talks about his unique outlook on life after time in a concentration camp.

Large (30.4 MB) - 3 Minutes

1st Place
Oil and Water
Produced by Seth Warren and Nicholas Franczyk
Seth Warren & Tyler Bradt, Biofuels Ed. Coalition

Excerpt from the feature film that follows two kayakers on their adventurous petroleum free journey.

Large (30 MB) - 6 Minutes

2nd Place
Produced by Esteban Pinilla
Taller Art and Culture

A film about the indigenous culture and environment of the Amazon. 2008

Large (30.9 MB) - 4 Minutes

3rd Place
Running for Water
Produced by Polly Green

Jin Zedell started a worldwide movement for runners to raise funds for clean drinking water.

Large (29.3 MB) - 5.5 Minutes

1st Place
Gone Fishing
Produced by Chris Jones

A young man and an older man find joy in fishing together.

Large (41.4 MB) - 10 Minutes

2nd Place
Hola Sol
Produced by Marcelo Quinones and Roberto Garza

A young boy brightens his grandfather's day by taking him on a wonderful journey.

Large (27.1 MB) - 4 Minutes
Community Arts

1st Place
Awadi: Messenger of Truth
Produced by Fatou Jupiter Toure and Aicha Thiam
Awadi and group

"Awadi: Messenger of Truth" is about the Senegalese rapper, Awadi, and how he merges his music with his activism and his commitment to social issues

Large (35 MB) - 6:32 Minutes

2nd Place
The Call of the Drums
Produced by Judith Ekwalla
Doudou Ndiaye Rose

Doudou Ndiaye Rose is a Senegalese drummer who is committed to his culture and music.

Large (29.4 MB) - 6 Minutes

3rd Place
Produced by Marija Kolobaric
Ismet Kurt

"Tradition" is about an old artisan in the Old City of Mostar. His name is Ismet Kurt.

Large (20 MB) - 2:51 Minutes

3rd Place
Produced by Shkurta Aliu, Fatime Kosumi and Dafina Rudi
Identitie group

"Identiteti" is about the need to preserve cultural heritage in a changing world.

Large (36 MB) - 5.16 Minutes

1st Place
OKC Abrasevic
Produced by Katie Hampton and Anina Sator
Abrasevic Center

"OKC Abrasevic" is about a restored community center and it's people in what use to be the front-line during the war in the divided city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Large (26 MB) - 3:21 Minutes

2nd Place
Operation Smile
Produced by Dunia Karadsheh, Fayez Burqan, Arpi Palulian, and Karin Miqdady
Operation Smile - Jordan

Operation Smile gives children a better life through dental surgery.

Large (47.5 MB) - 6 Minutes

3rd Place
The Friendship Shelter
Produced by Addie Rubino & Wendy Milette

A documentary exploring the issues of homelessness and honoring the Laguna Beach Friendship Shelter for their heroic work.

Large (26 MB) - 5 Minutes

1st Place
Heroes of the Season
Produced by Oscar Loreto and Sarah Noone
Evan Strong & Amy Purdy

Athletes discuss overcoming obstacles to compete in a national snowboarding competition.

Large (36.4 MB) - 10 Minutes

2nd Place
The Cola Kayak
Produced by Jody Lemmon
Dr. Marcus

An adventure down the LA river on a kayak made of recycled materials. 2008

Large (33 MB) - 10 Minutes

3rd Place
Shelter Me: The Documentary
Produced by Scott Hays & Miles S. O'Grady
Jelani Daiz & Holland

A Glimpse of life on the street through the music of talented homeless musicians. 2008

Large (33 MB) - 10 Minutes

1st Place
First Memories
Produced by Soo Hee Han

Imaginative animated journey to a child's early memories.

Large (30 MB) - 4 Minutes

2nd Place
The Deep
Produced by Eric Best

A young girl's journey as she muses on possibilities that lie below the surface of the ocean.

Large (27.2 MB) - 4.5 Minutes

3rd Place
The Baseball Card Shop
Produced by Kelly Kennedy

On a rainy day, characters in a baseball card shop find their own heroes.

Large (35.1 MB) - 7.5 Minutes
Elementary School

1st Place
Produced by Katherine, Jose, Guillermo and Arlene
Sam, Guide Dogs of America, Bob Stricklin

Sam is a helpful seeing-eye dog. Made possible by a grant from the California Arts Council 2008.

Large (21.6 MB) - 3.5 Minutes

2nd Place
Produced by Yasmin, Tamara, and Jose
Counselor Chris Davis, Peacemaker group

The PeaceMakers are a group of students who help solve problems. Made possible by a grant from the California Arts Council 2008.

Large (35.5 MB) - 4 Minutes

3rd Place
Be Safe in the Surf
Produced by Orla, Sonia and Lily

The Grange School provides live-saving lessons.

Large (28.7 MB) - 3 Minutes
Middle School

1st Place
Language Opens Doors
Produced by The 7th Year Class at Gilles Street Public School

Kids talk about the importance of learning different languages.

Large (29.8 MB) - 3 Minutes

2nd Place
The Man in Orange
Produced by Nadine, Mohammad, Aya and Deya
The Men in Orange

Students in Jordan discuss their heroes who work to make their city clean.

Large (21.7 MB) - 3 Minutes

3rd Place
Life in a Box
Produced by Leen, Ramez, Sabal & Najaa
Hatem, Hatem's mother

Hatem is a heroic young autistic boy living in Jordan.

Large (24.8 MB) - 5 Minutes
Music Video

1st Place
Don't Give it All Away
Produced by Slater Jewell-Kemker

Slater uses this wonderful song by World Party to promote youth activism.

Large (30 MB) - 5 Minutes

2nd Place
Thanks to the Whistleblowers
Produced by Dave Puls

A tribute to the courage of those who stood up for justice.

Large (32.4 MB) - 5 Minutes

3rd Place
What Makes a Man
Produced by Mark Morganstern

A thoughtful music video about growing up.

Large (24.6 MB) - 4 Minutes

1st Place
Call to Create
Produced by Ghazel Etoum, Hanen Karajah, Dana Khamis & Samia Kayyali

An exploration of how creativity can be heroic.

Large (27.2 MB) - 2 Minutes

2nd Place
The Healer
Produced by Fary Sakho
The Healer

The Healer uses the natural world to cure his community.

Large (20.6 MB) - 4.5 Minutes

3rd Place
The Minda Story
Produced by Emily Wirth and Dave Mikolaj
Minda Organization

The disabled workers at Minda have a strong community of friends.

Large (25.5 MB) - 3.5 Minutes
Ron Kovic Peace Prize

Produced by Sharif Christopher Matar & Erik Takagi Butts

"A man takes a long journey to do what only he can do.


VIEW (32 MB) - 7 Minutes

Special Peacemaker Award

Joanne Tawfilis
By Slater Jewell-Kemker

Joanne Tawfilis brings people from all nations together through art in the effort of Peace with the Art Miles Mural Project. Video and Original Music by Slater


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Peace Awards


The Bridge
Produced by Jeton Neziraj

A lovely animated tale of a special bridge. Kosovo

VIEW (45 MB) - 8 Minutes


Bridge of Unity
Produced by Cheikh Darou Seck

"Bridge of Unity" is about a bridge that joins two communities, one Muslim, and the other Christian.

VIEW (22 MB) - 2:42 Minutes

High School

Pass the Peace
Produced by Justin Cohan

A Native American tradition is carried through many languages at TAFT High SCHOOL - Pass the Peace!

VIEW (22 MB) - 2:42 Minutes

Peace Honorable Mentions

High School

In Loving Memory
Produced by Elizabeth Rodriguez

A loving tribute to a wonderful brother, son, and friend.

VIEW (22 MB) - 2:42 Minutes

High School

Signs of Peace
Produced by La La

Signs of PEACE reminds us of the value of symbols.

VIEW (22 MB) - 2:42 Minutes

High School

Peace Begins
Produced by Slater Jewell-Kemker

Slater works with other youth activists in a colorful celebration of Peace Day.

VIEW (22 MB) - 2:42 Minutes

High School

Painting Peace
Produced by Slater Jewell-Kemker

Painting a Peace mural for the Art-Miles-Mural-Project.

VIEW (22 MB) - 2:42 Minutes