This is a story about showcasing a couple of the test videos made during the ChangeChitra Production Workshops in Patna, India, while staying at the Tarumitra Ashram.  

ChangeChitra - Global Exchange India

by Marc Ostrick from United States

134494Global Exchange IndiaMarc Ostrick134495Global Exchange IndiaMarc Ostrick134496Global Exchange IndiaMarc OstrickMy experience with the Patna, India, participants was truly inspiring. To see these social good activists absorb the filmmaking lessons and make their video exercises was inspiring. The participants were committed to getting proficient on with audio, camera, lighting, and video.  This team and what they documented for their training gives me hope that their main films reflect the mission of ChangeChitra - teaching activists the art of documentary filmmaking to make an impact. 

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Author Info

Hi. My name is Marc Ostrick. I am the lead trainer with My Hero for the ChangeChitra Filmmaking Workshops.