Whatever your discipline, whatever your classroom/online combination looks like, use our free content to bring positive messages into your online lessons. 

Find inspiration and hope in MY HERO's stories, films, art, and audio resources.

Featured Lesson Plans and Resources for January

After the assault on the United States Capital on January 6, 2021, it is more important than ever to stand up against unlawfulness, honor those who promote democratic values and learn to tell the difference between credible information and misinformation. Use these curated resources to honor those who worked to secure voting rights for all and who uphold the values of democracy.

Resources for Promoting Voting Rights and Democracy
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Kids Inventors Day Lesson Plan
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Kid Inventors’ Day was created to celebrate the achievements of the youngest inventors as well as encourage more children to be creative and is celebrated on January 17th in honor of Ben Franklin's birthday. Franklin was just 12 years old, he invented the world’s first swim flippers, making him a great role model for every child who dreams of making something nobody has ever seen before. Inspire your students by using the MY HERO Kid Inventors' Day Lesson Plan.

Martin Luther King Jr. worked hard to understand human nature and its need for philosophical or spiritual guidance in order to create great change. This is his legacy that we all have come to respect and admire. His study of others who went before him gave him the wisdom to follow a good and righteous course in furthering the civil rights of all American citizens. Enrich student learning using MY HERO's Martin Luther King Jr. Day Lesson Plan and Resources.

Martin Luther King, Jr Lesson Plan
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Holocaust Remembrance Day Lesson Plan
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January 27th is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Enhance student learning by remembering and honoring the victims of the Holocaust and those who fought the Nazi Regime, we are part of a global community that resolves to reject the denial of the Holocaust and to condemn discrimination and genocide. MY HERO's Holocaust Remembrance Day Lesson Plan and Resources include stories and short films about holocaust survivors and those who fought, resisted and helped others during the Holocaust.

Collection of Short Award Winning Films  Appropriate for a Younger Audience and Family Viewing

Watch short films from around the world celebrating heroes from all walks of life with your class  whether teaching in person or virtually. 

Short Award Winning Films Appropriate for Younger Audience
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ONGOING CONTESTS: Share your art, poems, films, songs, or stories about a hero with our global community. Prizes will be awarded to outstanding work! To be clear, outstanding work will always be awarded and MY HERO accepts work on an ongoing basis.

MY HERO Contests
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MY HERO has student contests for all types of media and for special hero-related themes that change throughout the year.

They always are featured on the MY HERO homepage.

Currently students are asked to submit their art, poems, songs, or stories about a hero to share with our global community and win a prize!


If you only have a little time for a MY HERO moment:


Use MY HERO's 365 Days of Heroes Calendar, or its Curated Thematic Calendar tied to the school year, at the beginning of your online session to set a tone, to start some thinking, to activate prior knowledge, or just to talk about something uplifting at the beginning of class time.

Get some chat going about what our heroes think and do, and about how that relates to us today.

My Hero Calendar - 365 Days of Heroes
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Want your students to be able to honor someone's heroic qualities or actions and share it with a global audience? Have them sign the MY HERO Guestbook. There will be a slight delay showing up on the page, as we review each entry to make sure only safe, child-friendly content appears on MY HERO.
MY HERO will not post any entries that contain swearing, or promote hatred, violence or prejudice.

Credit: My Hero

If you want to have your class explore the concept of heroism and the behaviors and values we admire:

Use an essay about heroism to begin the discussion.

Share a lesson or unit about Finding Our Heroes (elementary, middle or high school).

Join the MY HERO Forum to discuss heroism. 


How do we choose our heroes?
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Resources for Character Education
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Use MY HERO Multimedia Resources to Explore Character Traits and the Heroes that Demonstrate these Values.

Students are encouraged to submit their own stories, artwork and short films that honor those individuals who exemplify these character traits through the Create program. 

Use MY HERO Multimedia Resources to Enrich Social Emotional Learning

These curated stories, art and short films demonstrate the SEL Competencies of: Self Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, Social Awareness, Self Management and Relationship Skills. Discussion questions are included. 

Social Emotional Learning Resources
Credit: MY HERO

Explore our rich multimedia library if you have enough time to read a story, view a short film, look at a piece of hero art, or listen to an audio segment.


Of course, the teacher can always be the one to choose class content, but online lessons thrive on student engagement. Whether you're looking at stories, films, art, or audio, empower your students to share their favorites with the class.

Assignment (during class or homework): Decide which kind of medium you want students to explore and start with the appropriate page (see links below). Have students explore and identify one they relate to. Have them write down the link and explain what it is they respond to. Possible sentence starters are: "I like...," "I notice...," "This makes me think..." and "This relates to me because..."

Class time: One at a time, have students provide the link to the resource they chose. If it's a story, either they or the teacher can read the story out loud. If it's a film, students can read the introductory statement. For art and audio, students can introduce the reason behind their choice. If appropriate, encourage a positive back channel chat, with student responses to the resource. 

The student who chose the story or the teacher may lead a discussion, using the sentence starters. To end each discussion, have students identify heroic qualities and describe heroic actions that made this person a hero, with ideas about how these actions and this hero fit into our world today.


MY HERO stories support basic literacy goals while providing inspiring and hopeful content. 

Reading strategies for elementary students...

...for middle school students and

...for high school students.

These links also provide curated stories to get you started.

Listen and Read at the Same Time

Have students listen as they read along to curated stories that have text with audio for enriched learning and differentiated instruction. 

This is useful for ESL students, but it also can be a nice change for the general education teacher--let them hear a different voice and give yours a rest!

An extension is to have your students write and publish their own hero stories, then read them aloud and add to our audio library.

MY HERO Listen and Read Along Stories
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International Film Festival
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MY HERO's SCREENING ROOM HAS A FILM LIBRARY full of shorts that are the perfect size for the classroom, including winners in MY HERO's International Film Festival.

Set your students loose to explore and find their favorites, then report back to the class with what they found. Rest assured that all films are appropriate for all audiences. Here's a simple lesson plan.

The Film Library is a perfect place to practice media literacy lessons: Who created the medium? Why did they create it? What is the message and how do they convince you? How does the message relate to you?

MY HERO’s mission is to use media and technology to celebrate the best of humanity and to empower people of all ages to realize their own potential to effect positive change in the world. Our hope in providing these free media arts education resources is to support all levels of media makers with the tools needed to produce meaningful hero stories that can be shared with our global audience.

Media Arts Education Resources
Credit: MY HERO

Analyzing the Elements of Art Using the MY HERO Gallery
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You'll find work in all kinds of media by professional and student artists.

MY HERO puts heroes in categories, based on their actions. You can browse art by these categories or by type of art medium.


What does heroism look like? Is it a portrait of a hero? An illustration of heroic actions? Visual storytelling in frames? 

While art teachers can use heroism as a subject for their existing art lesson objectives, general education teachers can incorporate hero art as an alternative creative and publishing experience. Here's a tutorial to get your started.

MY HERO Audio Page
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Browse Music, Narrative, and Poetry to find the sounds that will inspire your students.


simple tutorial gets students started creating and publishing their own song, poem, or narrative. Spoken word is always welcome!

If you're looking for a unit, use MY HERO for project based learning

MY HERO has all the authoring and publishing tools you and your students will need.

Students explore and find their individual or group hero (elementary/middle or high school).

Teachers start by creating an account and a class organizer, with a class code.

Students register using the class code and get their own page. They create their hero content, which is curated into the class page.

Teachers publish the class page(s) for the MY HERO global audience.

Share your class pages with your school, community, and the online global MY HERO world.

Follow our simple TUTORIALS to create your projects, whether they will be student stories, film, art, or audio. The CREATE PAGE will be where students identify the kind of medium for your project, using it to make their own media pages. There is a Tutorial for Students on how to use the Create Program to publish their projects. 

LEARNING CIRCLES put teachers in touch with other teachers around the world.

Use the Create Program For Stories, Art, Film and Audio
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Use MY HERO's Screening Room and curated lists of films for examples.

Use our resources for helping individuals or groups choose their hero. (see above)

Online video production is challenging, relying on whatever students have at home to work with. We adapted the PBS NEWSHOUR Student Reporting Lab's lesson to creating a hero interview video.

Student films can be simple, edited interviews with titles and credits. We have additional lessons to support that. 

Want your students to create narrative, documentary, or experimental films, but you're not a film making teacher? No worries! MY HERO has extensive Media Arts lessons to walk you through every step of pre-production, production, and post production. 

Publish your student films on class organizer pages and have your own virtual screening! 



Elementary School students

Middle School students

High School students


MY HERO Teachers Room (myhero.com/TeachersRoom)
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For additional resources and lesson plans, visit the MY HERO Teachers Room. For example, in the teachers room you will find Language Arts lesson plans and resources organized by grade level. There are multimedia Science lesson plans and resources, which includes Ocean Conservation, also organized by grade level. 


Distance Learning
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Enrich Learning with MY HERO Resources
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If you are interested in mentoring or have questions about using   MY HERO with your students, email: [email protected]


MY HERO's team of educators review all submissions to ensure that work is appropriate and does NOT promote hatred, violence, racism or sexism. 

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