Title Author Changed Kind
Heidi Kelly and Alysha from Doylestown 6/14/2001 Story
Louisa May Alcott Wendy 6/14/2001 Story
Sacajawea Maria from St.Paul 6/4/2001 Story
Marie Curie Teresa from St. Paul 6/4/2001 Story
Mohandas K. Gandhi Evan from St. Paul 6/4/2001 Story
Tiger Woods S.F.Conway 6/4/2001 Story
Albert Einstein Paul from St. Paul 6/4/2001 Story
George Washington Carver Geoffrey Schellenberg 6/4/2001 Story
Sacagawea Rachel 6/4/2001 Story
Erving (Magic) Johnson Cody from Wheatfield 6/1/2001 Story
Phillis Wheatley Krystene' from St. Paul 6/1/2001 Story
Michael Jordan Joe Catello from Flemington, NJ (East Side) 6/1/2001 Story
Joe Torree Jen 6/1/2001 Story
Ludwig von Beethoven Spencer from Saint Paul 6/1/2001 Story
Hakeem Olajuwon Katherine from Watertown 6/1/2001 Story
marques maybin Jeff from Louisville 6/1/2001 Story
George Herman Ruth Gavin from Center Valley 6/1/2001 Story
Prof. Lange Colin from Watertown 5/31/2001 Story
Harry Houdini Alex from st. paul 5/31/2001 Story
Carla Edwards Mallory from Ft. Worth 5/31/2001 Story
Prof. Bruan mike from pleasant prarie 5/31/2001 Story
Florence Nightingale Rachel 5/30/2001 Story
Susan B. Anthony Katherine from St. Paul 5/30/2001 Story
Vicky Bentley Smith Nicole 5/30/2001 Story
Roald Dahl Ann The Thing from Mars 5/30/2001 Story
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