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Title Author Changed Kind
Steve Wozniak Elizabeth from Los Angeles 7/20/2001 Story
Peter Mikalovich dany from St. Paul 7/16/2001 Story
Louis Leakey Maxemilian from St. Paul 7/16/2001 Story
Dave Bosse Tone from LMMS 7/16/2001 Story
Andrew James Schiltz Kevin from Dubuque 7/16/2001 Story
Randy Johnson Brian from Holmdel 7/16/2001 Story
Helen Adams Keller Lily 7/16/2001 Story
Jeanne Alford Josh from Joplin 7/16/2001 Story
Gabriel Prosser kia from st.paul 7/16/2001 Story
Abraham Lincoln Abe from St .Paul 7/16/2001 Story
Barbara Krout Brice from Winfield 7/16/2001 Story
Ray Allen Adam from Joplin 7/16/2001 Story
Megan Jean Katie from Bloomfield Hills 7/16/2001 Story
Brittani Bilmeyer Carrie Belanger from Dubuque 7/16/2001 Story
LaNan Pitts Marisa from Joplin 7/16/2001 Story
Tiger Woods Evan from Watertown 7/16/2001 Story
Nellie Mclung Chantelle from Yorkton 7/16/2001 Story
My Mom Angela from Florissant 7/10/2001 Story
Sadie Moncheski MaryJo Moncheski 7/9/2001 Story
Kate Richardson Irene from Vancouver 7/7/2001 Story
Maria Montessori Jennifer 7/6/2001 Story
Rosa Parks AlexisParker 7/6/2001 Story
Wayne Gretzky Dustin G. 7/3/2001 Story
Wayne Gretzky Bradley from Yorkton 6/30/2001 Story
Grey Owl Vince from Yorkton 6/30/2001 Story