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Title Author Changed Kind
Alexander the Great Nick from Center Valley 12/16/2000 Story
Mother Terresa Chris 12/14/2000 Story
Ann Beattie Carol from Lancaster 12/14/2000 Story
Jan Smith KelBel from CA 12/12/2000 Story
Nickole Evans Ethan Stone 12/9/2000 Story
Louis Helverson dave from center valley 12/6/2000 Story
Robin Little Lyndsey from Kellyville 12/5/2000 Story
April R. Hayes Kellye from Kellyville 12/4/2000 Story
CHRISSEY MILES Brittney Miles from kellyville 12/3/2000 Story
MY MOM Tony from Manford 12/2/2000 Story
VERDA HURST chase from kellyville 12/2/2000 Story
lewis jones Katie Pickering From Kellyville 12/2/2000 Story
NANA brittney from kellyville 12/2/2000 Story
Terry Poulter james from kellyville 11/28/2000 Story
Rachel Holder Samantha from Kellyville 11/28/2000 Story
Abraham Lincoln Steven from Montvale 11/28/2000 Story
Ellen G White Travis from Littlerock Ca 11/28/2000 Story
La Wanda Sue Hill Summer from Kellyville 11/28/2000 Story
Susan B. Anthony Mark from Lancaster 11/27/2000 Story
Tony Hawk Patrick from New Britain 11/27/2000 Story
Maria Montessori (Italian) Brickton Montessori 6th-Year Class 11/25/2000 Story
Leonardo da Vinci Sherwyn and Dylan 11/24/2000 Story
Thomas Vanderspurt Hadley Vanderspurt 11/17/2000 Story
Mohandas K. Gandhi Jan from Elkins 11/10/2000 Story
Sharon melissa from kc 11/7/2000 Story