Title Author Changed Kind
Taft High School T-shirt Prize Stories 2017 to 2018 5/19/2018 Organizer
Orelsan Louis F. 5/19/2018 Story
James "Buster" Douglas Florentin Lesage 5/19/2018 Story
My brother Martin 5/19/2018 Story
Marie Maeli Giorgianni 5/19/2018 Story
John Vincent 5/19/2018 Story
Nelson Mandela Maelann 5/19/2018 Story
Simone Veil Léane 5/19/2018 Story
Alassane Pléa Raphael Delattre 5/19/2018 Story
My mum Théo 5/19/2018 Story
Arnold Schwarzenegger Théo Ernould 5/19/2018 Story
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Méline 5/19/2018 Story
Christopher Scott Kyle Jordan 5/19/2018 Story
Spencer Stone Eloise Gillet 5/19/2018 Story
Arnaud Beltrame Zélia 5/19/2018 Story
Torrey Cook Levi Cook 5/18/2018 Story
HERO FEST 5/18/2018 Organizer
He’s building a record about those persecuted because of their religion 5/18/2018 Newswire
Yoon Sanha Inès Carlier 5/18/2018 Story
How these women crochet sleeping mats for homeless people out of plastic bags 5/18/2018 Newswire
Kathrine SWITZER Margot 5/18/2018 Story
Cristiano Ronaldo Manoel 5/18/2018 Story
Parkland students react to Texas shooting on social media 5/18/2018 Newswire
19-Year-Old Engineer Builds Autonomous Window Cleaner for Commercial Buildings (AP) 5/18/2018 Newswire
Nadine Mathias 5/18/2018 Story
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