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Title Author Changed Kind
Olympe de Gouges Danny from Boca Raton 8/11/2020 Story
Bella Abzug Kruti from New Jersey 8/11/2020 Story
Frances Ellen Watkins Geeta Malik 8/11/2020 Story
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Kerri from Fredericksburg 8/11/2020 Story
Meriwether Lewis Kiana from San Diego 8/11/2020 Story
Roberto Clemente Ryan Karpman 8/11/2020 Story
Rosalynn Carter Katherine from Columbia 8/11/2020 Story
Thomas Edward Lawrence Sebastian from Fredericksburg 8/11/2020 Story
Suzanne Farrell Emily from Westerville 8/11/2020 Story
Holding On to the Air: An Autobiography 8/11/2020 Book
Archbishop Oscar Romero Natalie from San Francisco 8/11/2020 Story
Florence Bascom Jill S. Schneiderman 8/11/2020 Story
Allegra Kent Mikayla from Glenbrook 8/11/2020 Story
Melinda Gates Wendy Jewell 8/11/2020 Story
Kassinu (All) 8/10/2020 Film
Ana Dodson 8/10/2020 Story
Ana Dodson JoRdan from Fremont 8/10/2020 Story
Water Song Mill Valley Film Group/Will Parrinello 8/10/2020 Film
Hero Poster Contest 8/10/2020 Organizer
The MY HERO Newsletter 8/10/2020 Story
The MY HERO Project Promo Video (Short) The MY HERO Project 8/10/2020 Film
August 12 | International Youth Day Multimedia Resources and Lesson Plan for Teachers 8/10/2020 Organizer
Magic Johnson Laura Tucker for MY HERO 8/10/2020 Story
Dusty Feet Mob - This Story’s True Carl Kuddell and Jen Lyons-Reid 8/10/2020 Film
Play Outdoors Shyon Johnson 8/10/2020 Film