Title Author Changed Kind
Mother Teresa Rebekah Pustelnik 5/25/2019 Story
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Clarissa Hom 5/25/2019 Story
Chris Kyle Cali Stainbrook 5/25/2019 Story
Kathy Eldon 5/25/2019 Organizer
Dale Earnhardt Zach Abramson 5/24/2019 Story
From Child Soldier to Human Rights Activist - Mohamed Sidibay 5/24/2019 Organizer
Global Youth Service Day Lesson Plan 5/24/2019 Organizer
Stephanie Villegas Maritza Morales 5/24/2019 Story
Louis Zamperini, The Torrance Tornado Samuel Mahjouri 5/24/2019 Story
Cinthia Angel Guido 5/24/2019 Story
Lieu Nguyen Huu Nguyen 5/24/2019 Story
Florence Nightingale Ketki Chakradeo 5/24/2019 Story
Michelle Obama Gautam Gupta 5/24/2019 Story
Nellie Bly Vivian Magahis 5/24/2019 Story
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Gabriella Llaneta 5/24/2019 Story
Katherine Johnson Sarika Pasumarthy 5/24/2019 Story
Elizebeth Friedman Sean Tran 5/24/2019 Story
Malala Yousafzai: The One With a Voice Alex Zakoor 5/24/2019 Story
Malala Yousafzai Trinity Kwon 5/24/2019 Story
Our Donors 5/24/2019 Page
Anne Sullivan Yael Pasternak 5/23/2019 Story
Alan Turing Andrew Pu 5/23/2019 Story
Pat Tillman Akshit Prathipati 5/23/2019 Story
Muhammad Ali Ryan Moghaddas 5/23/2019 Story
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