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Title Author Changed Kind
uncle Paul James from Kellyville 3/9/2001 Story
Alexander the Great Andy from Center Valley 3/8/2001 Story
Carol Volt Lizzie from Center Valley 3/8/2001 Story
Donna Carter Michelle from Brunswick 3/8/2001 Story
brian Kovak Ray from Center Valley 3/8/2001 Story
Gillian Anderson Elice from Clearwater 3/7/2001 Story
Audrey Hepburn Jackie from Flemington 3/6/2001 Story
police dog kasey from center valley 3/6/2001 Story
Lucky Christman Lauren from center valley 3/6/2001 Story
Mary Harris (Mother Jones) Ashley 3/4/2001 Story
Wilma Rudolf Jill from Green Middle School, Ohio 3/1/2001 Story
Hallie Vissagio Valerie from Watertown 2/28/2001 Story
Clara Barton Evelyn 2/27/2001 Story
Bruce Lee Tejay from Cranberry 2/27/2001 Story
Eleanor Roosevelt Tiffany 2/26/2001 Story
Tim Meyer Isac from Anchorage 2/19/2001 Story
Tiffany Gann Stephanie from Saginaw 2/15/2001 Story
Susie J. (Ruddy) Frank kelsi from Saginaw 2/15/2001 Story
Richard W. Dooley Kyle from saginaw 2/15/2001 Story
Rachel Ann Hudler Whitney from Saginaw 2/15/2001 Story
Philip Kostyak David from saginaw 2/15/2001 Story
My Dad Jeremy from saginaw 2/15/2001 Story
Kevin Scott Pruitt Karen from Saginaw 2/15/2001 Story
Karen Brookshire Amanda from Blue Mound 2/15/2001 Story
Julie Mischke Stacey from Saginaw 2/15/2001 Story