Mali Bickley
Innovative Global Educator
ISTE Keynote Speaker
Teacher, Canada

What The MY HERO Project has created for us as educators is an invaluable resource, and shows that learning is real and meaningful on so many levels. Being able to take experiences and make them personal, and then also to share with a global audience is authentic learning at it’s best.

I am so proud to be part of the MY HERO family and having the project to share with others and my students. Your small idea has truly made a BIG impact on kids and teachers all over the world.
Emily Murray
Director of Arts Programs
Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club

The MY HERO Project Media Arts Education Program...introduced our 4th and 5th Grade students to numerous environmental heroes while giving them training in Media Arts Production. The MY HERO mentors trained the students how to use cameras, conduct interviews and edit video montages on the computer. One of the benefits of having this program run in our facility is that our staff also received training from MY HERO , as well as equipment, so that we can continue creating and celebrating heroes on myhero.com.

At the end of the program the completed work was screened for parents and heroes,
and all of the kids were beaming with pride and accomplishment. We are all looking forward to more programs with MY HERO!

Abdesalam Zouita

Làayoune, Sahara Morocco

It is breathtaking when I do remember my experience in MY HERO Projects. I have learned more than I have been expecting from these projects. I have made very interesting connection around the world... I have improved my learning, teaching skills, strategies, and methods. MY HERO Projects provide opportunities to practice English globally…

Mark Hildreth
SanLee Middle School
SanLee, North Carolina

Thanks a million times again. The MY HERO Project has been an incredibly rewarding project for my kids, who labor with writing so much!