Slater Jewell-Kemker
Student Reporter
Award winning filmmaker, Activist

It did for me. Since I spoke with Jean-Michel Cousteau, I have chosen to follow his footsteps and inspire others to protect our planet and build a sustainable, green society. Thanks to the ongoing support of The MY HERO Project, I’m now producing a feature-length film on environmental youth activists worldwide called An Inconvenient Youth.

Sean Guy
Student T-Shirt Prize Winner
San Diego, Ca.

The best part about The MY HERO Project is that the stories posted truly are inspirational and uplifting. It compiles the best humanity has to offer and puts it into an easily accessible form. I am glad to have been introduced to this project.
The MY HERO Project and its media arts workshops give students of all ages the resources to build their digital media skills and the means to share their ideas with a global learning community. But more than that, the project gives people my age and younger hope, inspiration, and motivation to believe in themselves, and their ability to change the world. By bringing attention to the heroes in our midst, the ordinary people who do extraordinary things, MY HERO makes us all realize what we're capable of.
4th Grade Student
ECO-Heroism program,
Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club

I loved everything in MY HERO!! This was one of the best programs I have ever been in.
Andreea Minzat
Age: 17
Alexandru Papiu Ilarian Highschool Dej in

I consider MY HERO as an opportunity for us to develop our knowledge, to learn about heroes from other countries and from our own country and to practice and improve our English language. I believe it is a complex project that addresses to all students and can cover all expectations.