Title Win Year Category Director Producer Production Company Country Release Year Place Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Hero Award Caption
Cookie Girl in the Hot Zone 2005 Professional Skip Blumberg USA 1st Professional -Not Nominated- 0 Jemma A post-9/11 portrait of a young girl who baked and served cookies to the workers coming and going to the World Trade Center site. <br> First aired on WGBH and Zoom's program<i> America's Kids Respond</i>
Disposition 2005 Student Peter Bertoli USA 1st Student -Not Nominated- 0 Disposition is a short film which explores a series of fractured images in both the visual and animation mediums. The arrangement, positioning and distribution of these images are meant to evoke an emotional reaction by the viewer.
Molly Bannaky: A History of Black and White (Part 1 of 2) 2005 -Not Nominated- Isabel Eccles/Joel Frenzer USA -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Isabel Eccles & Joel Frenzer (teacher award) A unique animated film created by 5th and 6th grade students from Cambridgeport School. It gives a creative take on the history of Black and White. Producer: Isabel Eccles, Director: Joel Frenzer. This film has Part 1 and Part 2. (Cambridge, MA)
The Bird Maker 2005 Not Available Cheikh Darou Seck Senegal -- Best of Fest Not Available This is a documentary film about the artist MAMADOU TALL DIEDHIOU, created by filmmaker Cheikh Darou Seck from Senegal.
Get A Clue 2005 -Not Nominated- Carol Anne McGuire/Sean Landgraf USA -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Carol Anne McGuire (teacher award) Mrs. McGuire's class of K-6 blind and visually impaired students focus on their "abilities" rather than their "disabilities."
Make A Wish 2005 -Not Nominated- Jamie Hancock, Olivia Van Slyke & Katie Rabun USA -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Tori, a two-time cancer survivor, volunteers with charity organizations.
Painting Peace 2006 -Not Nominated- Slater Jewell-Kemker -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Painting a Peace mural for the Art-Miles-Mural-Project.
My trip to Catalina Island 2006 -Not Nominated- Slater Jewell-Kemker -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Slater journeys to Catalina Island to interview her Environmental Hero Jean-Michel Cousteau.
Nam June Paik: #1 Video Artist -Not Nominated- Skip Blumberg -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 This is a fun and affectionate video tribute to Nam June Paik, made by his friend and fellow video artist Skip Blumberg. This piece is excerpted from the 47-minute film "Nam June Paik: Lessons from the Video Master."
Why Violence 2006 Not Available Will Hammond & Ariel Dovas Instructors Not Available Students in Will Hammond's MYTV class at Bay Cat express their ideas about Violence.
Peer Pressure 2006 Not Available Will Hammond & Ariel Dovas Instructors Not Available Bay Cat students in Will Hammond's MYTV class address issues of peer pressure.
Kay Lord and her Hero Nathaniel Dunigan Not Available Skip Blumberg Not Available A report about Second Class Coast Guard Academy Cadet Kay Lord and her hero, Nathaniel Dunigan, founder of Aidchild in Uganda. Thanks to Making History Productions for additional footage from Uganda and Chad Stevens for providing additional photography of Aidchild in Uganda. Special thanks to the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation for their support of this short film.
Rowena Gerber and the Solar Oven Project 2006 -Not Nominated- Skip Blumberg -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 My Hero student reporter Andy visits the YouthCan Conference in New York City with his hero Rowena Gerber to present Paul Munsen's Solar Oven Project.<P> Thanks to the <b>American Legion Child Welfare Foundation</b><br>for their support of this short film.
Dr. Willie -Not Nominated- Linda McLean & Debra Roberts of Little Pearls -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Willie was just an ordinary dog, but now, he is a certified pet therapist!
CJ Aldaz and Eppie Duran 2006 Not Available Margaret Dean and Geeta Malik Not Available CJ talks about his hero and boxing coach, Eppie.
Harmony: The Quest for Companionship 2006 Not Available Amy Wong Not Available This short animation expresses the heroic nature of balance and companionship in our lives.
Our Hero Vladimir -Not Nominated- Elena, Xenia and Andrey -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Elena and Xenia interview their hero, Vladimir Kalinin.
Jesus...A Soldier Without a Country 2006 Not Available Sally Marr and Peter Dudar Not Available A piece about the war in Iraq and the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for it.
The Art of Life: Dan Eldon in Africa 2006 -Not Nominated- Charles Tsai -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 A moving film about Dan Eldon, an artist, photojournalist and humanitarian who was killed on assignment in 1993 when he was only 22 years old.
Stan Ostern 2006 Not Available by Charles McMahon, David Maekawa & Clayton Sakoda Not Available Produced by Charles McMahon, David Maekawa & Clayton Sakoda - UCSB and The Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara - a video portriat of survival - Stan Ostern.
Chicky's Organic garden 2006 -Not Nominated- by John & Mark Cavanagh & Zachary Bain -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Learn about the value Chicky's very special Organic Garden.
I Luv Laughing Yoga 2006 -Not Nominated- Wendy Milette & Jeanne Meyers -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Dorothy finds healing and joy <br> with the Laguna Laughter Yoga club!
Citizenship 2006 -Not Nominated- Anson Schloat and John G. Young -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 A film about John Lewis on citizenship and character: "To be a good citizen is to obey the rules...the laws. Unless those laws conflict with your conscience.
Courage 2006 -Not Nominated- Anson Schloat and John G. Young -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 A 12-year-old fought for his rights and the rights of his fellow child workers.
Perseverance 2006 -Not Nominated- Anson Schloat and John G. Young -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Liz Murray overcomes her difficult childhood to win a scholarship to go to college.
Wangari Maathai 2006 High School Will Levitt 2006 1st High School -Not Nominated- 0 Wangari Maathai Wangari Maathai works to save the earth through awareness and celebration.
From Beirut...To Those Who Love Us 2006 -Not Nominated- Beirut Letters/Samidoun -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 A message about peace from the Middle East.
Mother Mary -Not Nominated- Cheikh Darou Seck from Senegal, AFRICA -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 <p>Mother Mary works to help children affected by AIDS in Senegal.</p>
Healing Waters (Jeff and Wendy Dean's Guatemalan Adventure) Not Available Jeff and Wendy Dean Not Available Jeff and Wendy Dean travel to Guatemala to research the issue of clean water.
Breaking the Chain 2006 Not Available Vinnie Pergola at Taft High School Not Available A young man re-discovers his identity out of a troubled past.
Friendship and the Hero Within 2006 -Not Nominated- Alyssa Karalnick and Cindy Mendo at Taft High School -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Alyssa and Cindy celebrate their friendships.
Express Your Emotions 2006 Not Available Christian Rosales, Sean Hoffman, and Andrea at Taft High School Not Available A young man finds a way to express himself through dance.
Being Big Uncle Not Available Olubusola Ajayi Not Available Jimi Solanke, or "Big Uncle," is a Nigerian musician and actor who inspires others through storytelling. This is a tribute inspired by Big Uncle.
Ashray 2007 Not Available Ambika Samarthya Ambika Samarthya USA Not Available The shelter Ashray provides children affected by HIV with a safe place to live, study, and play.
The Ballad of Thaddeus Lowe 2007 Not Available Kelly Jones Kelly Jones USA Not Available The Ballad of Thaddeus Lowe highlights the life of the one time aeronaut and pioneer.
Light of the Himalaya -Not Nominated- Michael Brown David D'Angelo USA -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 This spectacular film follows the work of doctors who provide eye surgeries to the people of Nepal.
Valentina Mindoljevic 2007 -Not Nominated- Emina Kujundzic and Goran Tiro Bosnia -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Valentina Mindoljevic is a physics teacher in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina who challenges and inspires her students.
Peace Begins 2008 -Not Nominated- Slater Jewell-Kemker The Jewell-Kemkers Canada 2007 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Slater works with other youth activists in a colorful celebration of Peace Day.
Tea Reverie -Not Nominated- Yonsu Kim Yonsu Kim USA -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 An enchanting animated tale in a surreal forest.
Simulacra Not Available Tatchapon Lertwirojkul Not Available In the vast universe, a heroic robot saves an important life.
Joey 2007 -Not Nominated- Shaun MacGillivray USA -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Joey is a remarkable hero who captured the heart of filmmaker Shaun MacGilllivray.
Malaria Queen 2007 Not Available Mame Fatou Ndiaye Senegal Not Available A young woman's hero, Oumoul, is called "Malaria Queen" because of her tenacious drive to eradicate malaria.
Feather Flowers -Not Nominated- Meg and Lacey Australia -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 A young woman talks to her hero, her grandmother, who tells her stories of her early life in Australia.
Human Relations Media: Jason McElwain Not Available Anson Schloat/John G. Young USA Not Available "J.Mac," as he's known to his friends, proved his mettle in an amazing game of basketball.
Slater Jewell-Kemker 2007 Not Available My Hero USA Not Available Slater is an amazing young woman dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.
First Memories 2008 ANIMATION Soo Hee Han USA -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- ANIMATION Imaginative animated journey to a child's early memories.
Language Opens Doors 2008 Middle School The 7th Year Class at Gilles Street Public School Australia -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Middle School Kids talk about the importance of learning different languages.
Gone Fishing 2008 Narrative Chris Jones Ivan Francis Clements Living Spirit Pictures England 2008 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Narrative A young man and an older man find joy in fishing together.
Awadi: Messenger of Truth 2008 -Not Nominated- Fatou Jupiter Toure & Aicha Thiam Fatou Jupiter Toure & Aicha Thiam Senegal 2008 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 "Awadi: Messenger of Truth" is about the Senegalese rapper, Awadi, and how he merges his music with his activism and his commitment to social issues
OKC Abrasevic 2008 -Not Nominated- Katie Hampton & Anina Sator Katie Hampton & Anina Sator Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 "OKC Abrasevic" is about a restored community center and it's people in what use to be the front-line during the war in the divided city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Sam 2008 Elementary School Katherine, Jose, Guillermo and Arlene Mr. Gozonsky's 4th Grade Class USA 2008 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Elementary School Sam is a helpful seeing-eye dog. Made possible by a grant from the California Arts Council 2008.
Heroes of the Season 2008 College Documentary Oscar Loreto Sarah Noone USA 2008 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- College Documentary Athletes discuss overcoming obstacles to compete in a national snowboarding competition.
Oil and Water 2008 Excerpt Seth Warren, Nicholas Franczyk, & Tyler Bradt Seth Warren, Nicholas Franczyk, & Tyler Bradt New Rider Productions USA 2007 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Excerpt Excerpt from the feature film that follows two kayakers on their adventurous petroleum free journey.
Don't Give it All Away 2008 Music Video Slater Jewell-Kemker Slater Jewell-Kemker Canada 2008 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Music Video Slater uses this wonderful song by World Party to promote youth activism.
Law of Love 2008 Best of Fest Rahul Brown USA 2007 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Best of Fest In 2007, children from Pakistan and India wrote friendship letters to each other for peace.
The Bridge 2008 -Not Nominated- Jeton Neziraj Kosovo -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 A lovely animated tale of a special bridge. Kosovo
Salam 2008 Ron Kovic Peace Prize Sharif Christopher Matar & Erik Takagi Butts Sharif Christopher Matar & Erik Takagi Butts Indie Visual Studios USA -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Ron Kovic Peace Prize A man takes a long journey to do what only he can do.
Pray the Devil Back to Hell - excerpt 2008 MY HERO Media Award Gini Reticker Abigail Disney Fork Films USA 2008 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- MY HERO Media Award This important documentary sheds light on the "Womens Peace Movement of Liberia," and celebrates these unsung heroes. (excerpt)
Have a Home Run Day 2009 High School John Barrett Austin Dodge U.S. -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- High School Skipper is a true hometown hero who inspires everyone he meets with his sense of joy.
Imagine Peace 2009 Elementary School Mali Bickley & The Dreamteam Canada -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Elementary School A collection of art and prose from children of the world who imagine peace.
Ruth Foster 2009 Elementary School Miranda Andersen Canada -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Elementary School 4th Grader Miranda is inspired by her environmental hero Ruth Foster.
SPEAK 2009 Middle School Nathan Kress New Flight Pictures U.S. -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Middle School A middle school-er wanted to know "What would you say to the world?"
The Philosopher Kings - Excerpt 2009 Excerpt Patrick Shen Patrick Shen & Greg Bennick Transcendental Media U.S. 1st Excerpt -Not Nominated- Excerpt The Philosopher Kings. Wisdom is found in the most unlikely places.
Peace it Together: Freedom 2009 ANIMATION Adri Hamael & Reena Lazar Illy Auerbach, Mohammed Qassas, & Jeremy Izso Canada 2008 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- ANIMATION A meditation on the meaning of freedom.
HOME is where you find it (Excerpt) 2009 Best of Fest Alcides Soares Neal Baer Mozambique 1st Eldon/Activist -Not Nominated- Best of Fest A sixteen year old AIDS orphan directs a documentary about finding a new family in Maputo, Mozambique.
The Boy at the Signal 2009 Narrative Pramod Pathak Pramod Pathak India 1st Narrative -Not Nominated- Narrative A boy in need wins the heart of a woman passing by.
Teaching to Live 2009 -Not Nominated- Andre Guttfreund El Salvador -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 A teacher hero trains children to be self-sufficient environmentalists.
Biblioburro: The Donkey Library 2009 Professional Valentina Canavesio Colombia 1st Professional -Not Nominated- 0 Luis Soriano, a teacher in the small town of La Gloria, Colombia, travels on the back of his donkey, bringing with him books for children of the rural communities...
NEW YORK SKY 2009 ANIMATION Vlash Droboniku U.S. -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- ANIMATION A touching animation following the wife of a firefighter during 911.
Mother Porridge 2009 -Not Nominated- Fary Sakho Senegal 2009 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 MAIMOUNA FALL is known as Mother Porridge in her village in Senegal.
Everest: A Climb for Peace (excerpt) 2009 -Not Nominated- Lance Trumbull -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 This film chronicles the spectacular journey of 9 'peace climbers' from different faiths and cultures as they climb to the summit of the tallest mountain in the world.
Sarah Elliot - Activist Hero 2009 -Not Nominated- Meyers & Mendoza Kenya -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Laguna Beach native Sarah Elliot journeys to Africa working as a photojournalist in remote regions.
Composition For Sustained Rain 2010 Experimental Groupo Humus Argentina 1st Experimental -Not Nominated- Experimental The leaks of a house become the perfect excuse for an aquatic symphony.
Help Mary Save Coral 2010 Elementary School Miranda Andersen Canada 2010 1st Elementary -Not Nominated- Elementary School One woman's effort to save the world's underrated natural resource, coral.
The Buddy Club 2010 Middle School Jackie McMahon Jackie McMahon U.S. 1st Middle School -Not Nominated- Middle School Jackie and Kate McMahon Finding friends for friends in need.
Rowena Gerber's Solar Oven Project & Environmental Studies 2010 Global Educator Award Skip Blumberg & Jeanne Meyers U.S. 1st Global Educator Award -Not Nominated- Global Educator Award <p>Rowena Gerber shares her passion for the environment.</p>
Believe 2010 Music Video Logan Cascia U.S. 1st Music Video -Not Nominated- Music Video Tommy Carroll Portrait of hero Tommy Carroll, who embraces his disability and doesn't view his blindness as a handicap--and meets his hero, skateboard legend Tony Hawk.
Turning The Tide 2010 PSA Peter Stonier & John Martin U.S. 1st PSA -Not Nominated- PSA Conservation International Life originates from sea. Now the ocean needs us. It is our moment to turn the tide.
Mary and The Miners 2010 student animation Iain Gardner Amber Delahooke, Rob Sullivan, & Martha Stephens First Light Movies United Kingdom 1st Animation Student Middle School student animation It's 1841. Mary Watkins is 10 years old and works in a coalmine.
Ablaye 2010 College Fary Sakho Fary Sakho Senegal 2010 1st College Community 0 Ablaye A tale of courage and passion in the face of adversity. TAGGAT MEDIA SCHOOL
Live Music 2010 ANIMATION Yair Landau Yair Landau & Jacquie Barnbrook Mass Animation U.S. 2009 1st Animation -Not Nominated- ANIMATION A global effort creates a great film.
Recife Experiment 2010 Professional Portrait of an Organization Steve Atlas & Daniela Broitman Steve Atlas & Daniela Broitman Brazil 2009 1st Professional Portraits of Organizations -Not Nominated- Professional Portrait of an Organization A reunion among the inspired members of a social welfare project.
Make a Change 2010 Music Video John Locke Tina Napolitano U.S. 2nd Music Video Music Video Music Video A Glimmer of Hope A song written and performed by Georgia Napolitano to show the plight of struggling people in Africa.
Hear Me 2010 Narrative Alejandro Martinez-Beltran Morgan Gooden U.S. 1st Narrative Pro -Not Nominated- Narrative A child will change the way a lonely pianist perceives the music.
La Source [Trailer] 2010 Trailer Patrick Shen Patrick Shen, Brandon Vedder, & Jordan Wagner Transcendental Media Haiti 2nd Trailer Eldon/Activist Trailer Josue and Chrismedonne Where water runs life flows.
Ride A Wave 2010 Emerging Artist Rocky Romano The Go Big Project U.S. 2009 1st Emerging Artist -Not Nominated- Emerging Artist Danny Cortazzo Ride a Wave creates special days for kids with special needs.
Why So Low 2010 High School Frank Nelson, Angelica Escobar, Edgar Ulu, Fernando Torrez, & Donel Finks Baycat U.S. 1st High School -Not Nominated- High School Why aren't more inner city students graduating high school?
Locks 2010 Student/Mentor Narrative Ryan Coogler Ryan Coogler & Francisco Kosterlitz U.S. 2008 1st Narrative Student -Not Nominated- Student/Mentor Narrative Director Ryan Coogler ("Creed," "Black Panther") won the 2010 Student Narrative Award at the MY HERO International Film Festival for this short "Locks."
This Chair is Not Me 2010 Professional Portrait of an Individual Andy Taylor Smith Tina Pawlik & Blair Barnette United Kingdom 2010 1st Professional Portraits of Individuals -Not Nominated- Professional Portrait of an Individual A stunning portrait of one man's journey to communicate again.
Randall Arauz | Costa Rica 2010 Series Will Parrinello Will Parrinello U.S. 2010 1st Series -Not Nominated- Series Activist Hero Randall Arauz Randall Arauz fights shark finning in Costa Rica.
FAMBUL TOK (Family Talk) [Trailer] 2010 Trailer Sara Terry Sara Terry, Libby Hoffman, & Rory Kennedy Sierra Leone 1st Trailer Kovic/Peace Trailer Fambul Tok International Using the safety of the family circle to heal a nation.
Hummingbird [excerpt from dirt! THE MOVIE] 2010 Best of Fest Bill Benenson & Gene Rosow Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow, & Eleonore Dailly U.S. -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Best of Fest Wangari Maathai shares a simple story to illustrate a powerful point.
Bridging the Gaps: Connecting Young Adults to Housing and Services 2010 Community Ala Taha Baycat U.S. 1st Community Eldon/Activist 0 Home sweet home has new meaning for many because of the efforts these heroes.
Jon Rose - Humanitarian Hero 2010 Special Hero Awards Tom Aiello U.S. 1st Special Hero Awards Eldon/Activist 0 Humanitarian Jon Rose Humanitarian Jon Rose brings clean water to the people of Haiti.
AN INCONVENIENT YOUTH - Copenhagen excerpt 2010 Indy Project in Development Slater Jewell-Kemker Canada 1st Indy Features in Development Eldon/Activist Indy Project in Development This documentary gives a voice to kids on the front lines of climate change.
Pedal=Sight 2010 Dan Eldon Activist Award Jacob & Issac Seigel-Boettner Jacob & Isaac Seigel-Boettner Hubub Films India 1st Dan Eldon Activist Award -Not Nominated- Dan Eldon Activist Award An Indian girl gains a bicycle, and the will to achieve.
Dont Blow It 2011 High School Jack Winter USA 2011 1st High School -Not Nominated- 0 Good planets are hard to find.
Together We Can Create World Peace 2011 Elementary Emily Baker USA 2011 1st Elementary Kovic/Peace 0 The monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery A picture of peace.
One World One Ocean 2011 Environmental Greg MacGillivray MacGillivray Freeman Films USA 2011 1st Environmental Special Hero Award 0 One World One Ocean Campaign One World One Ocean campaign inspires stewardship of the sea.
ECO Warrior 2011 2011 Special Hero Award MY HERO Project USA 2011 1st Special Hero Award -Not Nominated- 0 James Pribram, the Eco Warrior shares his passion for the environment.
The Grid 2011 Professional Portraits of Organizations Will Parrinello USA/Germany 2011 1st Professional Portraits of Organizations -Not Nominated- 0 Citizens of the EWS Citizens united can create change beyond expectations.
Sasa 2011 Humanitarian Diane Namm Burma/USA 2011 1st Humanitarian Eldon/Activist 0 SASA - humanitarian award! A young doctor in Burma begins a medical revolution. Winner of The People's Choice Award.
Astonish Me 2011 Narrative Charles Sturridge UK 2011 1st Narrative -Not Nominated- 0 New species remain undiscovered, but we can only discover them if we can preserve the Earth.
An Inconvenient Youth - Cancun 2011 Youth Achievement Award Slater Jewell-Kemker USA 2011 1st Youth Achievement Award Indy Features in Development 0 Youth activists are exasperated by a lack of action from world leaders regarding climate change.
Aire 2011 Narrative Student Marcelo Quinones Spain 2011 1st Narrative Student -Not Nominated- 0 A man risks his life to smell the sea air again.
A Tribute to Dean Elizabeth Daley 2011 Global Educator Award Cassandra Brooksbank USA 2011 1st Global Educator Award Global Educator Award 0 Elizabeth M. Daley Ph.D. Thank you, Dean Elizabeth Daley.
Get Real! Wise Women Speak [Trailer] 2011 Trailer Joni Steele Kimberlin USA 2011 1st Trailer -Not Nominated- 0 Get Real! Because wise women find that as they grow older they also grow in authenticity, becoming more and more their true Selves, with a capital S.
Forever Plastic 2011 Middle School Miranda Andersen USA 2011 1st Middle School Environmental 0 Taina Uitto Forever plastic? Doesn't sound too appealing.
Tiger Talk 2011 Animation Ravi Prakash, Ashutosh Joshi India 2011 1st Animation Environmental 0 A tiger tells us his story.
Azim Khamisa: The Tool of Forgiveness 2011 Ron Kovic Peace Prize The Institute for Advancing Unity/The Working Group USA 2011 1st Ron Kovic Peace Prize Kovic/Peace 0 Azim Khamisa & Ples Felix A grieving father overcomes tragedy by creating something beautiful in his son's name - Tariq Khamisa.
Florence Jones: Embrace Culture 2011 Professional Portraits of Individuals The Institute for Advancing Unity/The Working Group USA 2011 1st Professional Portraits of Individuals -Not Nominated- 0 Florence Curl Jones A spiritual leader fights to preserve the culture of her people.
Beyond Green: Sxabues Umbilical Cord 2011 Student/Mentor Jesus Roberto Secue, Eckwe Secue Trochez Colombia 2011 1st Student/Mentor Environmental 0 Edilfredo Conda Edilfredo has reconnected with the Earth and works to enrich the land.
American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs 2011 Indy Features in Development Austin Wilkin/Grace Lee USA 2010 1st Indy Features in Development Eldon/Activist 0 Grace Lee Boggs In this short doc, 95-year-old activist and philosopher Grace Lee Boggs reflects on her life of activism and her connection to Detroit. She has participated in over 70 years of social justice movements and has no plans of slowing down.
Christie Walk: a piece of ecocity 2011 Community Producer-Carl Kuddell, Director-Jennifer Lyons-Reid Australia 2010 1st Community -Not Nominated- 0 The residents of Christie Walk The residents of Christie Walk are committed to creating an eco-friendly urban living environment.
Just Imagine 2011 Music Video Carolyn Krawczyk / Director of Photography Jerry Jacob/Atherton Pictures USA 2010 1st Music Video -Not Nominated- 0 Dedicated to finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes.
A Girl Like Me 2011 High School Documentary Kiri Davis USA 2005 1st High School Documentary -Not Nominated- 0 Color is more than skin deep for young African-American women struggling to define themselves.
Josh 2011 Heroic Individual Angelina Cantada Canada 1st Heroic Individual Special Hero Awards 0 Josh Vander Vies Josh is an extraordinary individual who has overcome great obstacles.
Prayers for Peace 2011 Animation Student Dustin Grella USA 2011 2nd Animation Student Kovic/Peace 0 A young man seeks peace on behalf of his brother.
Witness to Hiroshima [excerpt] 2011 Excerpt Kathy Sloane USA 2011 1st Excerpt Kovic/Peace 0 Keiji Tsuchiya A survivor remembers, and goes on to do great things.
Young Voices for the Planet - Team Marine 2011 Series Lynne Cherry USA 2010 1st Series -Not Nominated- 0 Team Marine Team Marine is a group of students from Santa Monica High School who works to clean up their local beach community.
Thembi's Diary 2011 Animation Student Jisoo Kim USA 2010 1st Animation Student -Not Nominated- 0 Thembi A wonderful evocation of a young African's refusal to let AIDS define her life.
Joels Hero 2011 College Daniel Gross USA 2010 1st College -Not Nominated- 0 A day in the life of 12-year-old Joel Lawrence and his North Star service dog, Hero.
Bottle 2011 Experimental Kirsten Lepore USA 2010 1st Experimental -Not Nominated- 0 A snowman and a sandman strive to form a connection.
Erica Fernandez: The Tool of Protest 2011 Dan Eldon Activist Award The Center for Advancing Unity & The Working Group USA 2011 1st Dan Eldon Activist Award Eldon/Activist 0 Erica Fernandez A young girl defends her community from corporate polluters.
George Lucas Global Educator Award 2011 Global Educator Award 2011 MY HERO Film Festival USA 2011 1st Global Educator Award Global Educator Award 0 MY HERO Associate Media Director David Kelly presents a MY HERO Global Educator Award to George Lucas.
2011 Global Partner Award 2011 Global Partner Award THE MY HERO Project 1st Global Partner Award -Not Nominated- 0 Cheikh Seck has been sharing The MY HERO Project in Senegal for years
The Ocean We Want To Know 2012 Animation Macgillivray Freeman Films USA 2012 1st Animation -Not Nominated- 0 One World One Ocean's new animated video celebrates the wonders of the ocean with stunning facts about our connection to the planet's lifeline.
ECO Hero Rap 2012 Original HERO song Wendy Milette & Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach USA 2012 1st Original HERO song -Not Nominated- 0 Students in the Celebrate ECO Heroism Program at the Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club collaborated on this song with the help of musician, Stu Pearlman.
Bidder 70 2012 Trailer Beth Gage & George Gage USA 2012 1st Trailer Eldon/Activist Trailer Tim DeChristopher Tim DeChristopher, was a whisle-blower of the fraudulent Bureau of Land Management oil and gas leasing auction in December 2008.
Stories of TRUST - Arizona 2012 Series Christi Cooper-Kuhn, Katie Lose-Gilbertson, Kelly Matheson USA 2012 1st Series Environmental 0 Jaime Lynn Butler Young Navajo artist Jaime Lynn Butler campaigns to save the environment of her beloved American Southwest.
The Girl and the Fox 2012 Animation Student Nick Allred / Tyler J. Kupferer United States 2011 1st Animation Student Short 0 A young girl must track a mysterious fox through a foreboding wilderness.
Isa's Final Draft 2012 Narrative Student/Mentor Jesus, Kad, Nataly, Rayhan USA 2010 1st Narrative Student/Mentor -Not Nominated- 0 A story about Isabella, a young woman instilled with the dreams of her mother's sacrifices for her daughter to have a better life by accessing education opportunities she never had.
My Brother 2012 Middle School Madison Boll - OREGON USA 2010 1st Middle School -Not Nominated- 0 A new perspective into the life of an Autistic child who is my hero.
Hidden Blessings: What Irene Taught me about HIV Prevention 2012 Humanitarian Zoeann Murphy Zambia 2012 1st Humanitarian -Not Nominated- 0 Debra Messing <p>Actress Debra Messing visits Zambia to listen to the stories of people living with HIV/AIDS.</p>
Caine's Arcade 2012 Professional Portraits of Individuals Nirvan Mullick USA 2012 1st Professional Portraits of Individuals Eldon/Activist 0 Caine Monroy Caine Munroy created a working cardboard arcade in his father's garage.
Ejaz's Story 2012 Documentary Syed Zayer Hassan from PAKISTAN Pakistan 2012 1st Documentary Dan Eldon Activist Award 0 Ejaz Najum, 12, was living in Karampur, when floods ravaged his entire village and surrounding communities in late July 2010...
Olivia's Birds and the Oil Spill 2012 Engage Award from Life Giving Moments Lynne Cherry Lynne Cherry USA 2012 1st Engage Award from Life Giving Moments Environmental 0 Olivia Bouler Young Olivia loves birds, and creates over 500 paintings of her feathered friends to raise funds for Audubon's bird rescue.
LAPET 2012 Narrative Anshul Sinha from INDIA India 2012 1st Narrative -Not Nominated- 0 Experience the journey of a kite.
Right To Play [Excerpt] 2012 Best of Fest Frank Marshall Frank Marshall USA 2012 1st Ron Kovic Peace Prize Excerpt Best of Fest Olympian Johann Olav Koss embarked on a remarkable journey to use sports to improve the lives of African children.
Life with Lupus 2012 Heroic Individual Giovanna Gatto USA 2012 1st Heroic Individual -Not Nominated- 0 Life with Lupus is a short documentary film about a young woman and her two sisters who care for their sick mother, while preparing for their future.
SFU Public Square ONE VOICE Music Project 2012 Music Video SFU Public Square/Sarah Van Borek from CANADA Canada 2012 1st Music Video Eldon/Activist 0 The power of music, media, performance and collaboration to bridge divides and inspire appreciation for diverse communities.
Lucy 2012 Narrative Student Libby Blood USA 2012 1st Narrative Student -Not Nominated- 0 Lucy, an autistic child, turns her disability into a strength through her imagination.
Adarsha and Apoorva 2012 Community Hero The Working Group USA 2012 1st Community Hero -Not Nominated- 0 Adarsha and Apoorva are two siblings on a mission to help with farming projects in India and garden projects in the US.
Brian Cox 2012 Humanitarian Award The Working Group USA 2012 1st Humanitarian -Not Nominated- Humanitarian Award Brian Cox Brian Cox, Senior Director for the South Park Recreation Center,transformed a broken neighborhood.
The Flood 2012 Student/Mentor Animation Vasiliy Koretskiy - RUSSIA Russia/Ukraine/Cyprus 2012 1st Student/Mentor Animation -Not Nominated- 0 Musical cartoon, the parable of Noah's Ark of Salvation, made by children, students from Sunday schools in Russia, Ukraine and Cyprus.
Spark of Inspiration 2012 High School Experimental ELINA MUSHINSKAYA USA 2012 1st High School Experimental -Not Nominated- 0 A creative celebration of creativity. TAFT HIGH SCHOOL
The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck 2012 Experimental Jason Silva 2012 1st Experimental -Not Nominated- 0 The ideas of psychologist Nicholas Humphrey who has written of "THE BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE OF BEING AWESTRUCK". Basically, our ability to awe was biologically selected for by evolution because it imbues our lives with sense of cosmic significance that has resulted in a species that works harder not just to survive but to flourish and thrive...
Mystical Arts of Tibet 2012 College Logan Cascia USA 2009 1st College -Not Nominated- 0 Endorsed by the Dalai Lama as a means of promoting world peace and healing through sacred performing art, the monks of the Drepung Loseling monastery make their return to Madison. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON
Rainforest Fable 2012 Elementary Cassidy Hancock, Breanna Meneses Canada 2012 1st Elementary -Not Nominated- 0 Claymation PSA on the importance of saving world's rainforests. FIELDCREST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, CANADA - MALI BICKLEY 5TH GRADE CLASS
Molly's Film [excerpt] 2012 Student/Mentor Jonathan Dumont - Head of Television Communications: The United Nations World Food Programme - ITALY Italy 2012 1st Student/Mentor -Not Nominated- 0 UN World Food Programme Molly, a 12-year-old girl from the Mathare slum of Nairobi, Kenya shot this film.
A Ride with Matt 2012 Dan Eldon Activist Award Robert Rippberger Robert Rippberger USA 2012 1st Dan Eldon Activist Award Indy Features in Development Dan Eldon Activist Award A Ride With Matt looks at the efforts of a few close friends to fund research into Huntington's disease and help a family heal.
People of Dogs 2012 Professional Portraits of Organizations Richard Moos CLAW South Africa 2012 1st Professional Portraits of Organizations -Not Nominated- 0 CLAW <p>Story of CLAW, an organization dedicated to caring for the animals of the poor in South Africa.&nbsp;Story of CLAW, an organization dedicated to caring for the animals of the poor in South Africa.&nbsp;Story of CLAW, an organization dedicated to caring for the animals of the poor in South Africa.&nbsp;Story of CLAW, an organization dedicated to caring for the animals of the poor in South Africa.&nbsp;Story of CLAW, an organization dedicated to caring for the animals of the poor in South Africa.</p>
I Want to Say 2012 Overcoming Obstacles Peter Sorcher / Clint Goldman USA 2012 1st Overcoming Obstacles -Not Nominated- 0 An inspiring story of how dedicated experts and innovate technologies are being developed to help those suffering from autism.
Home to Turkana 2012 Environmental John Antonelli / Will Parinello USA/Kenya 2012 1st Environmental -Not Nominated- 0 Ikal Angelei Ikal Angelei returned to her homeland in Kenya to stop construction on a $60 billion dam that would imperil Lake Turkana and the people whose survival depends on it.
AMAI The Bird of Light 2012 Educational Fauzia Minallah from PAKISTAN Pakistan 2011 1st Educational Kovic/Peace 0 Amai wants children to know their world, love and respect it and work for making it a humane one.
A Tribute to Sylvia Earle 2012 Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award One World One Ocean USA 2012 1st Global Educator Award -Not Nominated- Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award <p>A tribute to oceanographer Sylvia Earle from One World One Ocean.</p>
Right To Play - [Excerpt] 2012 Excerpt Frank Marshall USA 2012 1st Excerpt -Not Nominated- 0 Olympian Johann Olav Koss Olympian Johann Olav Koss embarked on a remarkable journey to use sports to improve the lives of African children.
A Ride With Matt 2012 Indy Features in Development Robert Rippberger USA 2012 1st Indy Features in Development -Not Nominated- 0 A Ride With Matt looks at the efforts of a few close friends to fund research into Huntington's disease and help a family heal.
Vivienne 2013 Humanitarian Diane Namm USA 2013 1st Humanitarian Engage Award 0 When 8-year old Vivienne Harr heard about children suffering from human trafficking, she founded Make a Stand Lemon-aid to raise funds to fight child slavery.
You Are Beautiful 2013 Middle School Cameron Dreyer USA 2013 1st Middle School -Not Nominated- 0 A public service educational silent drama depicting the effects of eating disorders on teens.
Synthetic Seas 2013 Environmental Jody Lemmon USA 2013 1st Environmental Eldon/Activist 0 13 people from different walks of life board a research vessel to explore the South Atlantic Gyre and learn more about the constantly worsening problem of plastic pollution.
Vital Voices: Hawa Abdi 2013 Narrative Animation Aaron Kisner Kenya/USA 2013 1st Narrative Animation Dan Eldon Activist Award 0 Dr. Hawa Abdi Dr. Hawa Abdi is Somalia's first female gynecologist. When the central government collapsed in 1989, Dr. Abdi's one-room clinic on her family farm began treating and housing local people fleeing the fighting.
Intersections in the Land of Eternal Spring 2013 Professional Portraits of Organizations Wayne Schoenfeld, Nadia Duguay and Mailis Burgaud Guatemala 2013 1st Professional Portraits of Organizations -Not Nominated- 0 Poignantly shot and relevant, Intersections in the Land of Eternal Spring stars a group of 8 volunteers during a 2-week mission of Rotaplast International in Guatemala in March 2011, and paint an example of the global works of Rotary International.
A Declaration of Interdependence 2013 Experimental Tiffany Shlain Global participants USA 2013 1st Experimental Kovic/Peace 0 Award Winning Director Tiffany Shlain crowd sources her revision of the Declaration of Independence as A Declaration of Interdependence!
Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks 2013 Animation Tiffany Shlain USA 2013 1st Animation -Not Nominated- 0 Based on new brain research from Harvard University's Center on the Developing Child and University of Washington's I-LABS, the film explores the parallels between a child's brain development and the way the Internet is developing, offering insights into the best ways to shape both our children's brains and the global brain of the Internet.
Handi and V 2013 Animation College Fenway Fan USA 2013 1st Animation College -Not Nominated- 0 Grandpa V misses his wife, who passed away. He takes "time capsules" to go revisit the past.
Displaced But Not Defeated [Trailer] 2013 High School student / Mentor Mari­a Ceballos Paz and Susan Hoenig United States 1st High School student / Mentor Kovic/Peace 0 María Ceballos Paz, a 16-year-old Colombian girl, directed, filmed and narrated this award-winning documentary that puts a human face on the statistics of displacement.
Peace in the world: iEarn 2013 2013 Global Educator Award Cheikh Seck Senegal 2013 1st Global Educator Award Kovic/Peace 0 Peter Copen Cheikh Seck visits the iEarn conference in Doha Qatar.
Piros Feher Zold (Red White Green) 2013 Overcoming Obstacles TareCk Raffoul Hungary 2013 1st Overcoming Obstacles -Not Nominated- 0 A mother worries for the fate of her son, who has mental disabilities, if anything were to happen to her.
SLINGSHOT 2013 Professional Portraits of Individuals Paul Lazarus GE Focus Forward FIlms United States 2013 1st Professional Portraits of Individuals -Not Nominated- 0 Dean Kamen <p>Best known for his Segway Personal Transporter, inventor Dean Kamen is taking on great challenges one invention at a time. SlingShot is the story of Kamen, his water purification technology, and his innovative approach to the safe water crisis.</p>
My Journey 2013 High School student / Mentor Luz Rioja United States 2013 1st High School student / Mentor -Not Nominated- 0 Jennifer is 11 years old and has moved 8 times in her life. This documentary is about her life and how she has dealt with moving around as much as she has.
Title IX: The Journey to Equal Opportunities 2013 High School Sarah Dillemuth / Directed by Madison Boll China 2013 1st High School -Not Nominated- 0 A short student-created documentary about the history of Title IX for National History Day.
Impressions in A Minor 2013 College Documentary Jason Liljenquist United States 2013 1st College Documentary -Not Nominated- 0 A character profile reveals more than what meets the eye.
No Child Left Deprived 2013 College Narrative Mark Manalo USA 2013 1st College Narrative -Not Nominated- 0 A young, inner-city public school student named Jaden takes a stand against his principal after the school's art teacher has been fired for choosing to teach art instead of the state-mandated, standardized test.
Mr. Blue Sky 2013 Music Video Michael Patterson & Candace Reckinger - Song by ELO USA 1st Music Video -Not Nominated- 0 An imaginative interpretation of the ELO song Mr. Blue Sky.
Sports Illustrated Kids of the Year 2013 Special Hero Award Ian Orefice USA 2013 1st Special Hero Award Engage Award from Life Giving Moments 0 Conner and Cayden Long Highlighting the amazing brothers Conner and Cayden Long. <P> Jenny Brown - Producer/Editor <br>Ian Orefice - Executive Producer <br>Jack Schurman - Director of Photography <br>Luke Schurman - Audio Engineer
Travelers 2013 Emerging Artist Kenza Kadmiry 1st Emerging Artist -Not Nominated- 0 Two girls from troubled backgrounds meet on a train and share a heartwarming moment that allows them to briefly forget about their situations.
FEMME [Trailer] 2013 Trailer Sharon Stone and Emmanuel Itier USA / Australia 2013 1st Trailer -Not Nominated- 0 Sharon Stone Female scholars and activists discuss the role of women in leading necessary changes in our world.
Tokimane [Excerpt] 2013 Excerpt John O'Keefe USA 2013 1st Excerpt -Not Nominated- 0 Tokimane follows various leaders as they work to make a positive impact in Congo in order to overcome the regions dark past.
Moral Courage: Stopping shootings in Brooklyn before they start 2013 Series Adam Grannick and Moral Courage TV USA 2013 3rd Series Ron Kovic Peace Prize 0 Kenneth Edwards Kenneth is a part of the Save Our Streets organization, and he uses his own experiences with violence to prevent it from happening to the youths of Crown Heights.
A Good American: The Times of Ron Kovic [excerpt] 2013 Indy Features in Development Loretta Smith USA 2013 1st Indy Features in Development -Not Nominated- 0 Ron Kovic Loretta Smith documents the amazing journey of Ron Kovic, a Vietnam war veteran and a world renowned activist. In this excerpt, Ron recalls how he got his start as a peace activist.
Run With Me 2013 Narrative Cameron Covell USA 2013 1st Narrative -Not Nominated- 0 This young athlete does not let anything limit his efforts to succeed.
Africa Childrens Choir 2013 Middle School / Mentor Santa Barbara Teen Press 2nd Middle School / Mentor -Not Nominated- 0
Field Spotlight: Nan Hauser 2013 Series Peter Stonier USA 2013 1st Series -Not Nominated- 0 Nan Hauser Nan Hauser is a marine biologist in the Cook Islands working to save whales. "They know something we don't."
GoPro Hero Montage 2013 Elementary Fernando Alonso 1st Elementary -Not Nominated- 0 Fernando walk us through the Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach!
The Dream of Life - Alan Watts 2013 Peoples Choice Isaac Blencowe Australia 2013 1st Peoples Choice -Not Nominated- 0 Alan Watts Visualizing an inspiring and profound speech from the late Alan Watts.
OCEAN DEFENDERS ALLIANCE / Isla Coronado Ghost Net - Excerpt 2014 Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award WalterMarti USA/Mexico 2014 1st Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award -Not Nominated- 0 Kurt Lieber - Ocean Defenders Removing a ghost net from the sea.
Present Trauma 2014 Relationships First Mark Manalo USA 2014 1st Relationships First Relationships First 0 'Present Trauma' is a psychological drama about Keith, a Marine veteran struggling to cope with family life after a combat tour overseas.
A Quest for Peace: Nonviolence Among Religions 2014 High School Documentary Matthew Evans USA 2014 1st High School Documentary -Not Nominated- 0 Young filmmaker, Matthew J. Evans, takes a look at one of the most pressing issues in our modern society: violence among religions.
Blessed is the Peacemaker 2014 Ron Kovic Peace Prize Taqi Juba USA 2014 1st Ron Kovic Peace Prize Kovic/Peace 0 Tard Carter Blessed is the Peacemaker is a short film developed by Wide Angle Youth Media's Mentoring Video Project.
Beyond Right and Wrong - Extended Trailer 2014 Trailer Roger Spottiswoode and Lekha Singh Lekha Singh and Rebecca Chaiklin United States 2014 1st Trailer Kovic/Peace 0 What are people really capable of? Beyond Right & Wrong explores how survivors move on from violent conflict and become heroes of peace.
Imba Means Sing [Trailer] 2014 Indy Features in Development Produced by: Erin Levin Bernhardt / Directed by: Danielle Bernstein US and Uganda 1st Indy Features in Development -Not Nominated- 0 Imba Means Sing is a character-driven heartfelt story of resilience and the impact of education.
Hands Up Don't Shoot 2014 Student/Mentor Music Video RAP ARTIST:Queen McElrath, DIRECTOR: Aniea Cody, PRODUCER: Todd Young - Teacher/Mentor USA 2014 1st Student/Mentor Music Video -Not Nominated- 0 Nashville students, Queen McElrath and team show love and talent for Michael Brown and the people of Ferguson Missouri.
Waves for Water 2014 Dan Eldon Activist Award Aaron Flynn & HURLEY USA 2014 1st Dan Eldon Activist Award -Not Nominated- 0 Jon Rose Waves for Water's mission is to get access to clean water to those in need around the world.
Bombingham 2014 High School Narrative Gabrielle Gorman USA 2014 1st High School Narrative -Not Nominated- 0 An expressionistic account of a devastating historical event.
Monk Dreams 2014 Humanitarian Polly Green USA 1st Humanitarian Relationships First 0 With faith, vision and determination, anything is possible.
Seva Origins 2014 Professional Portraits of Organizations Will Parrinello 1st Professional Portraits of Organizations Eldon/Activist 0 Seva Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning "selfless service." It is helping others as a spiritual practice. To date, this organization has saved the eyesight of over 3.5 million people who would otherwise have gone blind.
Eagle Eyes 2014 Professional Portraits of Individuals Will Parrinello USA, Peru 1st Professional Portraits of Individuals Eldon/Activist 0 Ruth Buendía Overcoming a history of traumatic violence, Ruth Buendía united the Asháninka people in a powerful campaign against large-scale dams that would have once again uprooted indigenous communities still recovering from Peru’s devastating civil war.
Kids' Imagination 2014 Experimental Jasa Laliberte 1st Experimental -Not Nominated- 0 A look inside kids' imaginations
The Last Iceman of Chimborazo 2014 College Documentary Gabriela Lozada Pozo USA, Ecuador 2012 1st College Documentary -Not Nominated- 0 For over 50 years, Baltazar Ushca has harvested the ice of Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo. His job is disappearing along with the glacier.
Minimum Max 2014 High School Experimental Joshua Ovalle USA 2014 1st High School Experimental -Not Nominated- 0 A brief and powerful first-hand account from high school student, Max, who must navigate through the world of ADD and all the medications that come along with it.
Sea Fever 2014 Poetic Tim Davies UK 2014 1st Poetic -Not Nominated- 0 A poetic & musical expression of connecting to the mighty sea.
Morning Announcements 2014 Narrative Pro Brad Etter USA 2014 1st Narrative Pro -Not Nominated- 0 A teenage boy, who has just been elected president of his Catholic high school's student council, decides to take over the morning announcements to deliver an important spiritual message to the school.
I'll take it from here... Because I'm a Girl 2014 Human Rights Raj Yagnik, Shona Hamilton Malawi / UK 2014 1st Human Rights -Not Nominated- 0 Because I'm a Girl Organization <p>One in three girls around the world is denied an education by the daily realities of poverty, conflict or discrimination.</p>
Curt Lowens: A Life of changes 2014 Student/Mentor Justin Binder, August Blum, Robert Carlson, Levi Glaser, George Khabbaz, Kayla Mossanen, Tammy Shine USA 2014 1st Student/Mentor -Not Nominated- 0 The Righteous Conversations Digital Storytelling Workshop brings to the screen Holocaust survivor Curt Lowens' story of escape and resistance during World War II.
Collecting Sgt. Dan [excerpt] 2014 Excerpt Matt Patron USA 2014 1st Excerpt -Not Nominated- 0 The film was created so that brother and filmmaker, Matt Patron, could share the memory of Sgt. Dan with his young children.
Pacific Marine Mammal Center 2014 Environmental Producers Amy Sabreen, Roddy Tabatabai and John McCarthy USA 2014 1st Environmental -Not Nominated- 0 Pacific Marine Mammal Center The Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescues, rehabilitates, releases marine mammals and inspires ocean stewardship through research, education and collaboration.
The Class of Rowdies 2014 Peoples Choice Nitin Das India 2014 1st Peoples Choice Peoples Choice 0 What happens when a young teacher meets a class of rowdies?
Present Trauma 2014 College Narrative Mark Manalo USA 2014 1st College Narrative -Not Nominated- 0 'Present Trauma' is a psychological drama about Keith, a Marine veteran struggling to cope with family life after a combat tour overseas.
Freedom Writers: Stories From an Undeclared War [Trailer] 2015 Global Educator Award Freedom Writers Foundation USA 2015 1st Global Educator Award -Not Nominated- 0 <p>Inspired by their teacher, Erin Gruwell, and the writings of Anne Frank, the students discover a new way to express themselves.</p>
With Change Comes Opportunity 2015 Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award Bluebottle Films - James Sherwood, Danielle Ryan Australia 2015 1st Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award -Not Nominated- 0 <p>Rob Pennicott was disappointed the day his local fishing spot was turned into a marine park. Today, Rob says his fishing tourism business, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, is reliant not just on good fisheries management, but on the longevity of marine park areas in Tasmania.</p>
The Contenders 2015 Strides in Science by Lucy Walker & Joseph Peeler USA 2015 1st Strides in Science -Not Nominated- 0 <p>Using the online puzzle game Fold It, scientists are enlisting video gamers to solve real- world problems.</p>
Defying Death in South Sudan 2015 -Not Nominated- Francis Mead United States 2015 -- -Not Nominated- Ron Kovic Peace Prize 0 Ken Payumo <p>Defying death in South Sudan. Featuring Humanitarian Hero Award Winner Ken Payumo.</p>
A Marriage to Remember 2015 Documentary Banker White & Anna Fitch USA 2015 1st Documentary Relationships First 0 <p>In this documentary short filmmaker Banker White explores how Alzheimer's disease has revealed the strength of his parents' marriage.</p>
Light of the Night 2015 College Narrative Prod. Elijah Steenhoek / Dir. Danny Ramirez USA 2015 1st College Narrative -Not Nominated- 0 In the darkness of WWII, one woman takes on the entire Holocaust movement-- and wins 2,500 times.
Sigo Adelante 2015 College Documentary Prod. Chrisann Hessing / Dir. Kaila Taylor USA/Ecuador 2015 1st College Documentary -Not Nominated- 0 Sylvia Margarita <p>Silvia is a hard-working, single mother who has faced hardships throughout her life in Ecuador.</p>
The Reinvention of Normal 2015 Individuality Liam Saint-Pierre UK 2015 1st Individuality -Not Nominated- 0 <p>"Go straight off the wall" said his dad and Dominic does just that.</p>
Trinity 2015 Humanitarian Ray Zablocki USA/Uganda 2015 1st Humanitarian -Not Nominated- 0 Romans Trinity is a short documentary film about a struggling Ugandan primary school located in a suburban Kampala slum. It's a story of hope in the face of extreme poverty, and about creating a home for those who have nothing else.
The Power of Empathy 2015 Informational Animation Katy Davis UK 2015 1st Informational Animation Relationships First 0 <p>The audio of this RSA short is of Dr Bren&eacute; Brown who spoke at the RSA on The Power of Vulnerability</p>
CRISTIAN 2015 Overcoming Obstacles Prod. Marina Hecker / Dir.Filipe Zapelini, Douglas Bernardt, Lucas Oliveira Brazil 2015 1st Overcoming Obstacles -Not Nominated- 0 CRISTIAN <p>Cristian is a Paralympic champion from Chile who lost his sight at the age of 12. This short documentary is a tribute to his person and his legacy. The combination of strength, will and sensitivity.</p>
A Case for Dreaming 2015 Series The Moxie Institute/Dir. Tiffany Shlain USA 2015 1st Series Peoples Choice 0 <p>This short 6 min film explores the creative and emotional importance of&hellip;.letting our brains do nothing.</p>
The Future of Our Species 2015 -Not Nominated- The Moxie Institute/Dir. Tiffany Shlain USA 2015 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 This fall marks the release of 'Leonardo's Brain,' the book that Director Tiffany Shlain's father and best-selling author, Leonard Shlain, finished days before he passed away. Tiffany builds off her father's ideas to explore the future of our species.
One Woman Roadblock 2015 Environmental Hero Award Mill Valley Film Group Canada 2015 1st Environmental Hero Award Eldon/Activist 0 Marilyn Baptiste <p>A former tribal chief, Marilyn Baptiste led her native community in defeating proposed gold and copper mines that would have destroyed Fish Lake&mdash;a source of spiritual identity and livelihood for her people.</p>
Nepal Heroes 2015 Unsung Heroes Aaditi Dutt Nepal/India 2015 1st Unsung Heroes -Not Nominated- 0 <p>After the Nepal Earthquake individuals from over 60 countries joined hands to help Nepal with relief and rescue operations.</p>
Frame by Frame [Trailer] 2015 Artist Heroes Mo Scarpelli, Alexandria Bombach Afghanistan/USA 2015 3rd Artist Heroes Dan Eldon Activist Award 0 <p>After decades of war and an oppressive Taliban regime, four Afghan photojournalists face the realities of building a free press in a country left to stand on its own -- reframing Afghanistan for the world and for themselves.</p>
Take a Look at Yourself 2015 Student/Mentor Music Video Produced by: BAYCAT / Directed by: Bechy Choi USA 2015 1st Student/Mentor Music Video -Not Nominated- 0 BAYCAT <p>In this music video, BAYCAT youth media producers take a deeper look at the mainstream media and it&rsquo;s flaws.</p>
Momentos 2015 Narrative Pro Nuno Rocha Portugal 2015 1st Narrative Pro -Not Nominated- 0 <p>An homeless man sleeps in front of an empty store when suddenly a vehicle stops and two men start to carry cases inside. Meanwhile the man tries to understand what is going on.</p>
XST 2015 Artist Heroes Produced & Directed by Morgan Maassen United States 2015 1st Artist Heroes -Not Nominated- 0 <p>This is a portrait of Shawn Theodore, a street photographer in Philadelphia.</p>
Love Has No Labels 2015 PSA Prod. The Ad Council / Dir. R/GA United States 2015 1st PSA -Not Nominated- 0 The Love Has No Labels campaign challenges us to open our eyes to our bias and prejudice and work to stop it in ourselves, others and institutions.
The Donut Dollies [Trailer] 2015 Indy Features in Development Norm Anderson USA 2015 1st Indy Features in Development -Not Nominated- 0 Dorset Anderson, Mary Blanchard <p>The untold story of the American women who volunteered to go to Vietnam on an impossible mission: help the troops forget about the war.</p>
Mother of All Rivers 2015 Environmental Will Parrinello Will Parrinello | Executive Producer: Goldman Environmental Prize Mill Valley Film Group United States 2015 1st Environmental -Not Nominated- 0 Berta Cáceres rallied her indigenous Lenca people to wage a grassroots protest that successfully pressured the government of Honduras and the world's largest dam builder to withdraw from building the Agua Zarca Dam.
Tomorrow 2015 For a young audience Prod. Jennelle Jordan/Dir. Michael Jordan USA 2015 1st For a young audience -Not Nominated- 0 A music video about a young girl leading her friends to freedom in a dystopian world.
Teen Press [Trailer] 2015 Strides in Education Produced by: Pamela Tanner-Boll / Directed by: T.C. Johnstone USA 2015 1st Strides in Education -Not Nominated- 0 Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press “Teen Press” is a short documentary about one semester of the Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press program.
Alchemy 2015 Music Video Produced by: Bheja fry Rec. / Directed by: Team Ekabhuya India 2015 1st Music Video -Not Nominated- 0 <p>'Alchemy' is a music video about modern day India. The lives of a billion people.</p>
Havana Curveball [Trailer] 2015 Trailer Dir. Marcia Jarmel, Ken Schneider Exec. Prod. Marc Smolowitz USA 2015 1st Trailer -Not Nominated- 0 <p>Mica is a classic teen. Enthusiastic. Idealistic. Dreaming baseball. At 13, he is studying of his Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish coming of age ritual.</p>
A Knock on My Door 2015 Animation Pro David Chai USA 2015 1st Animation Pro -Not Nominated- 0 <p>Escaping a life of sadness and adversity, a young Korean boy moves to America and learns that even though life is full of hard knocks, the time does come when it's safe to answer the door.</p>
Balud 2015 Experimental Panx Solajes Philippines 2015 1st Experimental -Not Nominated- 0 <p>This short experimental film is a response to Typhoon Yolanda (International name: Haiyan), which swallowed my hometown Tacloban city last November, 2013. This film dedicated to family, friends and fellowmen who were lost on its wake, and to those who are still fighting for survival and for new beginnings.</p>
YOUNG STORYTELLERS 2015 Professional Portraits of Organizations Prod. Nanuq Originals/ Dir. Jill Jones, Brent Yontz USA 2015 1st Professional Portraits of Organizations Peoples Choice 0 Our mission is simple: we inspire young people to discover the power of their voice. Using one-on-one mentorship, low-income students learn how to write original stories and see them brought to life on stage and film. As a result, young people learn that their voice matters.
Defying Death in S. Sudan 2015 Human Rights Francis Mead US / S. Sudan 2015 1st Human Rights -Not Nominated- 0 Ken Payumo Ken Payumo readily went to some of the most dangerous UN peacekeeping sites, including countries wracked by civil wars like East Timor and South Sudan.
The Thousand Year Journey 2015 Professional Portraits of Individuals RYOT FILMS / Kenny Laubbacher USA 2015 1st Professional Portraits of Individuals -Not Nominated- 0 <p>Jedidiah quit a job that he loved to ride his bicycle from Oregon to the southern tip of South America.</p>
Young Storytellers - 2015 Peoples Choice Prod. Nanuq Originals/ Dir. Jill Jones, Brent Yontz USA 2015 1st Peoples Choice -Not Nominated- 0 <p>Our mission is simple: we inspire young people to discover the power of their voice. Using one-on-one mentorship, low-income students learn how to write original stories and see them brought to life on stage and film. As a result, young people learn that their voice matters.</p>
Project Syria: An immersive Journalism Experience 2015 Immersive Storytelling Award Nonny de la Peña USA 2015 1st Immersive Storytelling Award -Not Nominated- 0 <p>Nearly one half of Syria&rsquo;s 23 million people have been displaced in its civil war and no group has been as severely affected as children. Children make up more than half of the three million refugees living in camps or makeshift housing and some news reports indicate that children are actually being specifically targeted in the violence.</p>
Vulcan Productions 2015 MY HERO Media Award Paul Allen - Vulcan / Louie Psihoyos - Director of Racing Exctinction USA 2015 1st MY HERO Media Award -Not Nominated- 0 PAUL ALLEN <p>Vulcan Productions initiates, develops and supports projects of substance and enduring significance. We believe in the power of stories to change minds and ignite action. Through our collaborative partnerships, Vulcan Productions tells powerful stories that help audiences understand the world around them, respond to challenges, and bring about lasting change.</p>
Kayla Briet - SIZZLE 2015 Emerging Artist Kayla Briët USA 2015 1st Emerging Artist -Not Nominated- 0 Kayla Briët <p>Kayla is a multi-talented young artist who creates and shares inspirational soul-quenching media.</p>
DEAR AMERICA - student honoree 2015 STUDENT HONOREE Gabrielle Gorman USA 2015 1st STUDENT HONOREE -Not Nominated- 0 Gabrielle Gorman <p>An exploration of what it means to be a Black American.</p>
Teen Press - Featuring John Seigel Boettner 2015 Media Arts Educator Award Produced by: Pamela Tanner-Boll / Directed by: T.C. Johnstone 2015 1st Media Arts Educator Award -Not Nominated- 0 John Seigel Boettner <p>&ldquo;Teen Press&rdquo; is a short documentary about one semester of the Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press program.</p>
Water Song 2016 -Not Nominated- Will Parrinello Will Parrinello | Executive Producer: Goldman Environmental Prize Mill Valley Film Group USA, Peru 2016 1st -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Máxima Acuña Máxima Acuña, a subsistence farmer in Peru’s northern highlands, stood up to Newmont Mining Corporation!
Bazaruto Ocean Guardians 2017 -Not Nominated- Finn White-Thomson Mozambique 2017 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- 0 Meet the Ocean Guardians of Bazaruto Mozambique, who work tirelessly to teach local communities about the importance of conservation.
No exit: Jordan’s most vulnerable refugees - 2017 Humanitarian Claudio Accheri Liz Mermin | Thomson Reuters Foundation UK/Jordan 2017 -- -Not Nominated- -Not Nominated- Humanitarian Jayne Fleming is the leader of the Reed Smith Refugee Protection Project, a mobile legal clinic offering legal and psychosocial support to some of Jordan’s most vulnerable refugees – mostly from Syria, Iraq, or Sudan. Their goal is to resettle their clients to third countries where they can start their lives anew. Thomson Reuters Foundation brings this important story to us with this video.
revoLuZion 2017 Not Available Victoria Gale Modesto USA/Guatemala 2017 Not Available Every morning 12-­year-­old Luis Miguel wakes up at 6 am to work in the coffee field alongside his brother, father, and the other kids in his village in Guatemala. At 11 a.m., he returns home, changes clothes, grabs his notebooks, and begins the three­-hour walk to Los Patojos, the nearest school with a 7th a grade. However, he journeys for more than just an education.
Growing a Healthy Community 2017 Not Available Amanda Wright Light House Studio USA 2017 Not Available A documentary about Growing for CHANGE made by students in the Westhaven Community.
The IF Project Documentary Trailer 2017 Not Available Kathlyn Horan USA 2017 Not Available Women are the fastest growing segment of the incarcerated population, increasing at nearly double the rate of men since 1985. The IF Project is a feature length documentary that explores the reasons behind these staggering numbers by intimately following a heroic Seattle police officer and the writing workshop she created with a group of inmates at a maximum security women’s prison.
A Tribute to Discomfort: Cory Richards 2017 Not Available Rob Finch & Catherine Yrisarri USA 2017 Not Available Blue Chalk worked with National Geographic Creative photographer and North Face athlete Cory Richards to create a promotional piece to demonstrate the scope of his work and the passion and athleticism that accompanies him in the field.
Tai Chi in the City 2017 Not Available Pankaja Brooke UK 2017 Not Available In the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by steel and concrete, the powerful yet gentle and graceful movements of Tai Chi can be a beautiful way to release stress, and come back to ourselves.
Come As You Are 2017 Not Available Tsipi Karlik Isreal 2017 Not Available The Women's Courtyard is a multi-cultural feminine space that protects and empowers girls and young women.
Velo Visionaries - Alicia Tapia 2017 Not Available Kristin Tieche USA 2017 Not Available In Episode 3 of Velo Visionaries, we talk/ride with Alicia Tapia, creator of Bibliobicicleta, a free library on wheels that can be found weekly in The Panhandle in San Francisco.
The Ultimate Running Machine 2017 Not Available Charles Frank USA 2017 Not Available After a brutal mugging left him with traumatic brain injury, John Pierre decided to ‘suit up’ in a neon cape and lightning bolt socks, emerging as the New York running community’s very own superhero.
A Magical Place 2017 Not Available Raj Yagnik South Sudan/UK 2017 Not Available In South Sudan, school is a magical place.
In a Heartbeat 2017 Not Available Beth David, Esteban Bravo 2017 Not Available A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.
Shamanic Trekker [Trailer] 2017 Not Available Emmanuel Itier Peru / USA 2017 Not Available A Journey to the source of Shamanism in Peru.
Girls Like Us 2017 Not Available Dallas Golden Hailey Sprinkel Tanzania/USA 2017 Not Available Apps & Girls, an organization that teaches young girls how to code their own websites, and Carolyne Ekyarisiima, the founder of Apps & Girls, became a mentor.
My Haggan Dream 2017 Not Available Rob Sams, Laura Sams USA 2016 Not Available On the island of Saipan, a young girl's mysterious dream about a haggan, or green sea turtle, leads her to investigate the sea turtles that live around her home. Join her adventure to find turtles, which leads to a wonderful birthday wish.
Exam Stress, Syrian Style 2017 Not Available Raj Yagnik UNICEF UK Not Available In Syria they take exam stress to a whole new level. This UNICEF commission for the 6th anniversary of the war is an innovative mix of paper models, drawing and CG graphics animated using motion capture.
INVISIBLE WINGS – A Tea Seller Couple Who Travelled the World 2017 Not Available Hari.M.Mohanan India 2015 Not Available Copybook Films proudly presents Invisible Wings is the story of a man who has discovered this magical dimension of his life.
Emma Cushman: A Light in the Darkness 2017 Not Available Luke Boyden and Colin Everts Colin Caviness USA 2016 Not Available Unsung hero Emma Darling Cushman, an American nurse who saved the lives of thousands of Armenian children during the Armenian genocide.
HIAS - For the Refugee 2017 Not Available Moth UK 2015 Not Available This film was produced for World Refugee Day, to publicise and spread awareness on HIAS' mission and values for the last 130 years.
Following Heart 2017 Not Available Matthew Marroquin Taft High School USA 2017 Not Available What does it mean to follow your heart?
From Mt. Tamalpais to Fruitvale Station 2017 Not Available The Justice Arts Collective of Chabot College Juztino Panella, Brandon Vance, Tommy Reed, Alan Roberson, Jahan Khalighi, Kokou Katamani USA 2017 Not Available "Either there's hope, or I am merely dreaming... "A diverse community unites in arts and activism to address the epidemic of police killings of people of color in this dynamic hip hop music video.
Dear John 2017 Not Available David Ohikhuare, Stanlee Ohikhuare Nigeria 2016 Not Available A child who was diagnosed with hearing loss and an attending speech impairment writes a letter to his elder brother a couple of years after his miraculous recovery. He shares his experiences; many of which were once shut within his unpleasant solitude.
Justdiggit's documentary Rainmakers 2017 Not Available Safi Graauw & Marc Haers Wessel van Eeden Netherlands 2016 Not Available This short Justdiggit documentary shows the benefits of a landscape restoration project in progress, digging 72.000 bunds to harvest rainwater and restore the degraded land in Kenya.
Alone? 2017 Not Available Jasmine Lahijaniha Taft High School USA 2017 Not Available Dance and narrative sequences are woven together to address a serious issue affecting young people.
Reunited: A Short Film about Music and the Human Spirit 2017 Not Available Max Thurlow, Nick Trumble UK 2016 Not Available In this uplifting short film, directed by Max Thurlow and Nick Trumble, Noisey meets 93 year old jazz pianist Edward Hardy.
Cycle of Change 2017 Not Available Sarah Frei Avani Mack USA 2016 Not Available Moved by the lack of opportunity for women and youth in her community in El Salvador, Reina Molino ventures to Guatemala to study bici-maquinas—bicycle pedal-power technology.
What You Plant You Harvest 2017 Not Available Svebor Mihael Jelic, Vici Nilsson Rasmita Limbu, Maram Salim Sweden 2017 Not Available A kitchen comes to life as a characteristic chaotic breakfast scene, to be expected in a family household, unravels.
G.I. José 2017 Not Available Alejandro Marquez Vela USA 2017 Not Available WARNING - This film is recommended for mature audiences - it contains strong language and violence -viewer discretion advised. A Mexican-American U.S. Army soldier comes back home and has a dilemma.
The Community They Fight For 2017 Not Available Tom Dusenbery Mill Valley Film Group USA 2017 Not Available Latino community activist Mark Lopez pushed government officials to provide comprehensive lead testing and cleanup of East Los Angeles homes contaminated by a battery smelter that had been operating for over three decades.
Seen Not Heard 2017 Not Available Luciana Fasani Ming Gao / BAYCAT USA 2017 Not Available How do we create a more just society where women and girls are seen and heard?
Beneath the Surface (Excerpt) 2017 Not Available Fred Kroetsch 2016 Not Available Here is little micro-cut of our documentary Beneath the Surface.
Dieu Merci: The Story of Michele Rodri 2017 Not Available Xenia Bernal, Fiona Fortunato, Ziggy Hicks, Grace Ma, Idalis McZeal Righteous Conversations Project USA 2017 Not Available [External Link] This story of Michele Rodri was created with youth and Holocaust Survivors through the Righteous Conversations Project. Learn about this amazing holocaust survivor and her journey.
We Are Human 2017 Not Available Sandra Cannon Blaze VR USA 2017 Not Available A first-person 360 experience. You, the viewer, will view what it's like to stereotype one another first-hand:
Bella Gaia VR 2017 Not Available Kenji Williams Kenji Williams USA 2017 Not Available BELLA GAIA is an unprecedented NASA-powered immersive experience that communicates without words.
Noisia - Mantra 2017 Not Available Sil van der Woerd Netherlands 2017 Not Available Mantra chronicles the dangerous obstacles refugees face on their journeys to reach safer harbors.
Reclaiming Pakistan 2017 Not Available Lisa Donato Lisa Donato Pakistan/USA 2017 Not Available A civil rights activist, Mohammad Jibran Nasir, sparks a social revolution after almost 140 children were killed in the Peshawar Army School tragedy.
The Sunrise Storyteller - Trailer 2017 Not Available Kasha Sequoia Slavner Marla Slavner USA 2017 Not Available The Sunrise Storyteller follows the hero's journey of teenage filmmaker & social justice advocate, Kasha Sequoia Slavner.
Who We Are 2017 Not Available Yael Deynes 2017 Not Available For Puerto Rico
In Harmony 2017 Not Available Elliot Dillman VR for Good USA 2017 Not Available For some LA kids, music is not just a form of art, it’s the key to overcoming the odds.
Supercharging the Classroom: Using Technology to Support Personalized Learning 2017 Not Available Edutopia Edutopia USA 2017 Not Available Sal Khan founded a school on the same principles of personalization that drove the success of his YouTube tutorials.
Women Transforming Media: Alyse Nelson 2017 Not Available Xenia Shin The MY HERO Project USA 2017 Not Available “Power expands the moment it’s shared. And women often want to do that. When they ‘re invested in, they want to give back, they want to pay it forward. And that’s what we do at Vital Voices. We simply search the world for these leaders with a vision for extraordinary change. And we invest in them to take that vision to scale.”
Creative Visions Foundation 2017 Not Available Creative Visions Foundation Creative Visions USA 2017 Not Available Creative Visions believes in the power of storytelling to ignite positive social change
International Youth Media Summit 2017 Not Available International Youth Media Summit 2016 Not Available The inspiring official promo video for the 11th International Youth Media Summit 2016. in Kathmandu, Nepal made by their founders and delegates!
Primordial Soup! VR - simulation video 2017 Not Available Ethan Summers Anne-Marie Napoli USA 2017 Not Available An immersive and educational exploration. Origins of life: a series of self organizing Eco-systems.
Walking While Black 2017 Not Available A.J. Ali, Errol Webber USA 2017 Not Available As minority communities face the daily stranglehold of racial profiling, and police officers face relentless scrutiny by an anxious public, tensions mount as lines are being drawn in the sand. This conflict can only be broken by finding common ground with each other. L.O.V.E. Is The Answer.
Poco a Poco (Little by Little) 2017 Not Available Asya Rachitsky 2017 Not Available
Peace Pals International Not Available Not Available Celebrating 2017 art honoree, director Jules Lamore and the 20th Anniversary of Peace Pals International, which inspires global youth to make art for peace.
Jerrilyn Jacobs - Media Arts Educator Award 2017 Not Available Evan Morton Evan Morton USA 2017 Not Available Jerrilyn Jacobs has been inspiring students to create meaningful media for over a decade. MY HERO salutes her dedication as a teacher and director of the Taft Media Program.
Still I Rise 2018 Not Available Gabriel Diamond, Patrick Barnes, Phil Collis Skoll Foundation USA Not Available A visual and musical interpretation of American poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou’s electrifying poem "Still I Rise."
Anne Frank's House VR 2018 Not Available Martin de Ronde ForcefieldXR Netherlands 2018 Not Available Introducing ‘Anne Frank House VR,’ an Immersive Experience that Recreates Amsterdam’s Secret Annex and Preserves a Piece of Holocaust History
High Chaparral 2018 Not Available David Freid Mel FIlms 1st Not Available A theme park celebrating America’s mythic Wild West in wintery Sweden becomes a welcoming home for refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.
Playas de Tijuana 2018 Not Available Sophie Kim Harvard Westlake Not Available An inspiring poem about the border fence that meets the sea, where names become prayers and where “the worst place to be is here and not there.”
RBG [Trailer] 2018 Not Available Betsy West & Julie Cohen Magnolia Pictures USA 2018 Not Available At the age of 84, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has developed a breathtaking legal legacy while becoming an unexpected pop culture icon.
Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies Not Available Michael Hanrahan USA 2019 Not Available A collaboration of government agencies, non-profits, and private industry come together to solve the problem of commercial ships causing increased air pollution and whale strikes in the Santa Barbara Channel.
Defending The Deep 2019 Not Available Will Parrinello Mill Valley Film Group 2019 Not Available A tireless defender of the oceans and marine life, Claire Nouvian was the 2018 European recipient of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.
The River Is Me (Trailer) 2019 Not Available David Fried Emmy Gyori New Zealand 2019 Not Available This river is now legally a person, but what constitutes a river is up for debate.
Global Dance Heroes 2019 Not Available Teresa Taylor USA / Brasil 2019 Not Available The mission of The Global Dance Initiative is to spotlight and support heroes from around the globe that use DANCE to Heal, Connect, and Inspire.
The Aged 2019 Not Available Ashraf Shishir Not Available An old man wants to tell a story to every passerby, but nobody is interested. Aditya, a boy learns his story and arranges a celebration and march-past for the old man.
Made in Madras 2019 Not Available Mohit Arora, Aishwarya Ashok, Shikha Kumari ChangeChitra India 2019 Not Available Made in Madras is the story of an 18-year-old soccer player, Sangeetha, who lives on the streets of Madras (aka Chennai).
The Office of Missing Children 2019 Not Available Michael I Schiller REVEAL USA 2019 Not Available More than 2,600 kids were separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border under President Donald. What happened to those children?
Conversations With My Mother 2019 Not Available Tsering Wangmo NYU India 2018 Not Available I try to capture the simplicity of her life and the warmth that she provides to her family.
What if... 2019 Not Available Noah Berlow Terry Campbell, Paul Leon, Noah Berlow, Rose Wolfrum, Amelia Iacobelli, Ian Lococo, Aryn Free Kelly, Mathew Austin Doak Immortal Cinema USA 2019 Not Available This short documentary film shatters the preconceptions of homelessness, explores the ramifications of unstable housing for children, and provides a solution.
Ayan's Journey: On the frontline of Somalia's food crisis 2019 Not Available Simon Davis UNFOLD STORIES United Kingdom 2019 Not Available Travel to the frontline of Somalia's food crisis with Ayan, as she meets the families fighting to survive, in one of the hardest places to live on Earth.
The Brainwashing of My Dad [excerpt] Not Available Jen Senko USA 2019 Not Available Once upon a time my dad was a happy go lucky, fun, non-political Kennedy Democrat... then he discovered Fox News...
Stitching a Life: The Story of Trudie Strobel 2020 Not Available Spirit Avedon, Natasha Clement, Lila Dworsky-Hickey, Ian Kim, Miranda Lewis, Alexander McDaniel, Jaaziah McZeal, Hank Schoen, Jocelyn Vega, Coleman Weintraub, Fernanda Zaragoza Carter Beardmore, Michael Zambrano, Lauren Rothman, Cheri Gaulke, Samara Hutman USA 2019 Not Available Based on the life and art of Holocaust survivor Trudie Strobel. A production of the Righteous Conversations Project.
Trudie's Goose 2020 Not Available C. Lily Ericsson, Cheri Gaulke, Samara Hutman and Liran Kapel The Righteous Conversations Project USA 2020 Not Available When a young girl preparing for her Bat Mitzvah befriends a Holocaust survivor elder, both lives are changed forever as they journey from darkness to healing through the power of art.
Water Is Sacred 2020 Not Available Kimimila Wahpepah Mentors: Tiana and Wakinyan LaPointe USA 2019 Not Available 2020 MHIFF Ocean Conservation Award student winner: When we pray with water, it helps our bodies and the earth, and we say Wopila Tanka (Immeasurable Thanks) for its medicine.
Waterheart and Her Friends Not Available Tianna Bluebird USA 2019 Not Available A cut-out animation short about a mythical character, Waterheart, and the friends that help her to clean up her polluted home: Earth.
Looking After Our Environment: James Price Point Not Available Mark Pearce Mark Pearce Balangara Films Australia 2012 Not Available Mark Jones speaks out against a gas development complex that spells doomsday for some species living around James Price Point.
A Second Family 2020 Not Available Ramón Sánchez Orense & Susanne Maria Krauss Susanne Maria Krauss Congo, the Democratic Republic of the 2019 Not Available A few years ago, Amina’s mother couldn’t afford a “normal“ school for her only daughter. So, she took her to a school for deaf DR Congo.
To The Boy - for Mattie J.T. Stepanek Not Available Alana Daly Mulligan Alana Daly Mulligan Ireland 2020 Not Available Mattie's life philosophy was to play after every storm, so now, when we all feel tossed about but the waves of our world, we must remember to hold onto hope.
Our Catchment 2020 Not Available Michael J. Lutman Michael J. Lutman Australia 2020 Not Available As environmental concerns such as climate change and plastic pollution grow, so do the efforts to take action.
freeFLY Not Available Avery Bazan DJI | Oceans Unmanned USA 2020 Not Available A collaboration between Oceans Unmanned and DJI utilizing drones to help entangled humpback whales.
Training and a Chance: Not Your Typical Culinary Academy 2020 Not Available Jim Tutte USA 2020 Not Available More than half of young adults with autism remain unemployed two years after high school, and nearly half of all 25-year-olds on the spectrum have never held a paying job.
Material Bodies 2020 Not Available Dorothy Allen-Pickard Julie Machin, Lucy Pucillino United Kingdom 2020 Not Available A visceral and empathetic exploration of people’s relationship with their prosthetic limbs.
Love Letters From Everest 2020 Not Available Celeste Koon Shasha Nakhai Canada 2019 Not Available A long-distance love story unfolds via letters exchanged during the 1956 Everest expedition.
Finding Hope 2020 Not Available Ben Reid USA 2019 Not Available A film about Safe Alliance, an organization providing hope and healing to those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault.
Taking Root 2020 Not Available Jonah Elias Michelle Law Vietnam 2019 Not Available In a small farming area outside the city, Mr. Loi, a local farmer, discovers the techniques of chemical-free farming.
The House of Tipi 2020 Not Available Rosie Robinson Dylan Turk USA 2019 Not Available This film follows the generations of those who have built Tipi Cafe and grown together from its humble foundations.
Pushing Forward 2020 Not Available Brian Olliver - featuring Vanessa Torres Totally Inc. USA 2019 Not Available Vanessa Torres and other skateboarders promote their sport within a male-dominated culture.
Sheri 2020 Not Available Rebecca Stern Rebecca Stern USA 2019 Not Available In this film, Rebecca Stern reads a letter to her mom and talks about a special memory they shared.
The Hand You Were Dealt 2020 Not Available Jack Hessler USA 2020 Not Available Among the many ideas and beliefs that separate us, there are two fundamental human qualities that we all share: the yearning for love and the ability to help others.
Deadline 2020 Not Available Bashayer AlSaadi, Bhima Thapa International Youth Media Summit, UNDP Nepal 2019 Not Available An experimental film following three behaviors of over-consumption and their accelerating effect of the environment.
My Dad is a Legal Resident 2020 Not Available Julieta Vargas-Perez Brenda Perez USA 2020 Not Available Julieta shares a very personal story about a big event for her family!
Dusty Feet Mob - This Story’s True 2020 Not Available Johanis Lyons-Reid and Paul Tanner Carl Kuddell and Jen Lyons-Reid Change Media Australia 2020 Not Available Acclaimed musician Archie Roach and Port Augusta’s Dusty Feet Mob dance group are the focus of Dusty Feet Mob – This Story’s True.
Remembering Our Grandpa (Mi’gwidelmag Gnitjgamitj) 2020 Not Available Nation Isaac Manon Barbeau Canada 2018 Not Available Inspired by Incident at Restigouche (Alanis Obomsawin, 1984), Mi'gwidelmag Gnitjgamitj is a short essay film that captures the beautiful landscapes of Listuguj.
Wearing My Culture 2020 Not Available Olivia Lya Thomassie Wapikoni Mobile Canada 2019 Not Available Thomassie looks at the bonds that are created within family, culture, and the environment through the creation of clothing.
Cries of the Children 2020 Not Available Miracle Espericueta Angel Miracle Espericueta Fresh Voices / Crookston USA 2019 Not Available Cries of the Children is a short film about how Latinos are affected by social media postings illustrating child separation.
Project FUEL - The Story 2020 Not Available Project FUEL 2014 Not Available Deepak Ramola, Founder & Artistic Director of Project FUEL, shares the story of how it all began.
Ngozika's Magical African Masks 2020 Not Available Lena Nozizwe USA 2020 Not Available A short inspirational documentary that includes a dollop of animation, about a fashion designer who was about to quit her dream career.
Inseparable: The Story of Elly and Lya 2020 Not Available Gabriela Barrett, Alexander McDaniel, Idalis McZeal, Noa Nelson, Grace Sandman, India Spencer Righteous Conversations Project USA 2019 Not Available Dutch sisters, born on the same day but years apart, are separated by the Holocaust and raised in hiding by two very different families.
The Atomic Tree - 原爆の木 2020 Not Available Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Adam Loften Japan (Filming), USA (Origin) 2018 Not Available The Atomic Tree is a journey into the memories of one of the most revered trees in the world-- a 400-year-old Japanese White Pine bonsai that survived the atomic blast in Hiroshima.
Mossville: When Great Trees Fall [Trailer] 2020 Not Available Alexander John Glustrom USA 2019 Not Available A centuries-old Black community in Louisiana is contaminated and uprooted by petrochemical plants.
Binding Adventures 2020 Not Available Mikylah Spangenberg The Animation School (PTY) LTD South Africa 2019 Not Available June and Timothy Watts are late for their train. What will the rest of their adventure entail?
The Mayor of Castro Street: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Harvey Milk 2020 Not Available Angela Kim USA Not Available As a gay rights pioneer, Harvey Milk made history being the first openly gay elected official in California and one of the first in the country.
Youth Misinformed 2020 Not Available Abirami Subramanian, Serena Griffin, Cambria Bartlett, Mercy Gilniy Abirami Subramanian USA (Origin & Filming), Guam (Filming) 2020 Not Available Youth Misinformed is about the spread of misinformation through the education system and how that affects climate change and solutions.
A Love Letter to My Mother : An Environmental Short Film 2020 Not Available Emily Le USA 2020 Not Available Mother Nature has given up so much for our welfare, but how are we repaying her?
Wear a Mask Hamilton Parody #STOPTHESPREAD 2020 Not Available Angelina Pendleton-Mendez & Leila Woodward USA Not Available A reminder to wear a mask and help stop the spread of COVID-19.
Oumy 2020 Not Available Oumy Cisse Cheikh Seck (Mentor) Senegal 2020 Not Available A film about Oumy, a junior high student from Dakar, Senegal. Oumy speaks about her pursuit of education and the hardships that women in her country face.
Unsung Hero Song 2020 Not Available Kitty Richardson Kitty Richardson, George Albone, Edited by Katie Graubart, Animations by Jessica Ordaz United Kingdom 2020 Not Available This song was written and performed by Kitty Richardson.
The Curious Scroll: How Does Something Ugly Become Beautiful 2020 Not Available Andrew Purchin USA 2020 Not Available Being curious could just be the needed element to bring people together and overcome differences.
Emotionally Abusive Relationships PSA 2020 Not Available Jannah Narra 2017 Not Available Victims of abuse quite often doesn't see the mistreatment as abusive. They often feel trapped or stuck in the toxic relationship.
Dance With Me 2020 Not Available Gabriel Diamond USA Not Available For years I’ve had a crazy idea in my head, and I was always afraid to do it… until I finally did it.
Rider Spotlight: Bianca Valenti | Professional Big-Wave Surfer 2020 Not Available LYFT 2020 Not Available Meet Bianca Valenti, elite big-wave surfer, gender equality warrior, and Lyft passenger.
Stephen Jenkinson - The Meaning of Death 2020 Not Available Ian MacKenzie USA 2020 Not Available Stephen Jenkinson shares his insights on death.
The Peace of Wild Things 2020 Not Available Katy Wang USA 2020 Not Available When despair for the world grows in me… ...I come into the peace of wild things. ~Wendell Barry
Heroes Wanted Not Available Trey Carlisle USA 2020 Not Available Trey celebrates the best of humanity with this original hero anthem!
SPECIAL HERO AWARD - Ruth Ikeda Not Available Vanessa Diaz, Kenia Lares, Fryda Luna, Aleshia Osborn, Vivian Pham, Dillan Tran Anaheim High School Not Available This powerful, personal, and amazing story focuses on Ruth Ikeda, mother of AUHSD Superintendent Michael B. Matsuda and AUHSD Professional Learning Coordinator, Jackie Counts.
The Beauty 2021 Not Available Pascal Schelbli Germany 2019 Not Available What if plastic could be integrated into sea life?
VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: CHASE THE DREAM [Trailer] 2021 Not Available Nick Randall Brian Aebech & Dana Webber Legacy Distribution USA 2021 Not Available Kamala Harris, the first black woman and South Asian American to serve as the Vice President of the United States ...
The Sentinel 2021 Not Available Brendan Donovan ARL/Taylormade Media 2021 Not Available A call to save the Antipodean Albatross.
MABON ‘The 8 year old activist’ 2021 Not Available Jack Davies Friction Collective Film UK 2021 Not Available Our world has a serious ocean plastics problem. There are now a higher number of plastics in the ocean than the number of fish.
Rise From the Cape Flats 2021 Not Available Shamier Magmoet South Africa 2021 Not Available Shamier Magmoet overcomes difficulty and learns to educate youth to experience the ocean, becoming advocates and protectors of therof.
FAITH’S WORLD | BYkids Trailer Not Available Faith Guilbault | BYkids USA Not Available Faith Guilbault (age 16) has cerebral palsy and invites us to experience living with special needs so we can all treat being differently abled with humanity and normalcy.
Staying Well with Coach West 2021 Not Available Jessica Ordaz and Carolyn Hodge West | Written by: Carolyn Hodge West Carolyn Hodge-West, Jessica Ordaz, Emma Garcia, Nicole Petrovsky, Jennifer Bose, Felicia Paredes United States 2021 Not Available Coach West helps navigate you through the emotional fallout of COVID-19 with helpful tips.
Is the Taliban's return the end of music in Afghanistan? 2021 Not Available Cormac Walter O'Brien Thomson Reuters Foundation UK 2021 Not Available "As the Taliban take control, members of 'Zohra', Afghanistan's first all-female orchestra, wonder what's next for their music and rights as women.
TRANSPARENCY: Becoming Oliver 2021 Not Available Tessa Grace Morell United States 2020 Not Available Experimental short film made to visually accompany the original poem "Becoming Oliver" written by Oliver Marino.
Sparrow Society - Liziwe's Story 2021 Not Available Freddie Reed South Africa 2021 Not Available The story of Liziwe Botha who is a disabled black woman living in a shack in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa.
Rainforest Action 2021 Not Available Will Parrinello Mill Valley Film Group Equador / USA 2021 Not Available In 2020 Nemonte received the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize and was named to Time Magazine’s Top 100, its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.
Fear of Flying 2021 Not Available Ernie Berger usa 2021 Not Available A young bird and a sea turtle share madcap misadventures in a coming-of-age "buddy" story.
The Story We Want - Episode 1 - Coal and Climate 2021 Not Available Dayna Reggero USA 2021 Not Available SPECIAL HERO AWARD - 2021 --Dayna Reggero traveled across America to listen to ordinary women who are confronting fossil fuel industries, climate change impacts, and a culture of extraction.
Blue Planet VR - Landscapes for the Mind 2021 Not Available Eric Hansen Blue Planet VR USA 2021 Not Available Blueplanet VR is a curated collection of over 40 photogrammetric experiences of unique and powerful scenic and cultural heritage locations worldwide...
OutSwing [Trailer] 2021 Not Available Samar Minallah Khan Pakistan 2021 Not Available On the outskirts of Islamabad, a committed coach teaches a team of unlikely players, their families, and a community how playing Cricket can change lives.
BYkids Trailer: AGAINST THE CURRENT 2021 Not Available Daunnette Moniz-Reyome | BYkids USA 2021 Not Available Daunnette Moniz-Reyome (age 17) lives on the UmoNHon Native American reservation in Nebraska and wants to inspire her peers to celebrate their culture...
360 SEA PLASTIC 2021 Not Available Hendrik S. Schmitt The Jet Lagged GERMANY 2021 Not Available The Jetlagged and Plastic Pollution Coalition want to show our addiction to plastics and raise awareness about the impact plastic waste has on the environment.
THANK A HERO: MAURICE HILLEMAN 2021 Not Available Jasmine Blossom Martoglio, Aurelia Sunshine Martoglio | Batchelor Middle School USA 2021 Not Available This is a documentary about an unsung hero named Maurice Hilleman who created an amazing amount of vaccines, and made it possible for modern vaccines to work.
Voices 2021 Not Available Quinn feldman, Alyse Rockett, Jordan Slaffey, Jasmine Sugar United States 2021 Not Available This Documentary focuses on 3 powerful black female voices. Alyse Rockett, Jasmine Sugar & Jordan Slaffey. Racial and gender equality will only progress if we continue fighting for it and really listen to whom we're fighting for.
Media Arts Educator | Holly Carter Not Available BYKids USA Not Available Holly Carter is a leader in media arts production with youth around the world
2021 IFF Special Hero Climate Activist Award | Slater Jewell-Kemker and Wendy Jewell 2021 Not Available Slater Jewell-Kemker USA 2021 Not Available Slater Jewell-Kemker and Wendy Jewell accept the Special Hero: Climate Activist Award at the 2021 MY HERO International Film Festival.
All the Way to the Ocean 2022 Not Available Douglass Rowell Joel Harper USA 2017 Not Available A story about two friends and their discovery of the relationship between our cities' storm drains and the world's oceans, lakes and rivers.
The Sea and Me - Atop 2022 Not Available Dominic Joyce Marine Conservation Society United Kingdom 2022 Not Available Charlotte Banfield is a world-class para surfer that until a few years ago was completely afraid of water.
Voice Above Water 2022 Not Available Dana Frankoff Turning Tides Films BALIPROD Films Indonesia 2022 Not Available Learn about 90 year old, Wayan Nyo from Indonesia, who does his part to clean the ocean and make the world a much better place.
Ocean Hero Spotlight 2022 Not Available Jessica Vance Nigeria, The Bahamas, USA 2022 Not Available Oluwaseyi Moejoh from Nigeria and Heather Brockbank from the Bahamas share their stories of ocean activism.
The Poet 2022 Not Available Cheikh Darou Seck SENEGAL 2022 Not Available Mohameth Niane, from Senegal, shares his poem about the need to respect women and stop violence against them. Others chime in on his poetry.
Endangered Species 2022 Not Available Quinn Schromm Quinn, Moses, Shyon, Logan Pacific Elementary School USA 2022 Not Available An original song and video to raise awareness about endangered species. Made by Elementary students.
The Invisible 2022 Not Available Winand Mey The Animation School South Africa 2022 Not Available Journeying through a seaside town, the elderly Ida remains unseen
The Story of José Rizal 2022 Not Available Ben Caloza United States 2022 Not Available This is a short biographical film about the life and death of José Rizal, considered by many to be a national hero of the Philippines.
Missing Migrants 2022 Not Available Raj Yagnik, Kris Genjin United Kingdom 2022 Not Available In the last 6 years more than 40,000 people have disappeared on migration journeys. Most of their families don’t know they're alive or dead.
Phyllis: A Self Portrait 2022 Not Available Harris Cohen United States 2022 Not Available Phyllis: A Self Portrait traces this remarkable woman’s inspirational life using her abilities to further the arts in community.
Pieces of Us 2022 Not Available Anthony Wahome Njuguna Kenya 2022 Not Available Pieces of Us’ reminds us of the positive and negative impacts of tourism, and what can be achieved by human ingenuity in the fight against plastic pollution.
Pitoc e icinakosian 2022 Not Available Jos-Onimskiw Ottawa-Dubé, Gerry Ottawa Wapikoni Mobile Canada 2022 Not Available Gerry and their big brother Jos show us that there is more to being different than bullying, discrimination and harassment.
Nature Needs You 2022 Not Available Mark Pearce Australia 2022 Not Available Industrial resource developments continue to put at risk our natural and cultural significance.
I Could Tell You 'Bout My Life (Trailer) 2022 Not Available Michael Martin BYKids United States 2022 Not Available On April 10th, 2017 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law and New York is now raising the age of criminal responsibility to 18 years old.
I am Cheo 2022 Not Available Pablo Irlando-Wildman United States Not Available Inspired by the poem “I Am Joaquin” by Chicano poet Corky Gonzales
UKWATI // The Wedding 2022 Not Available Sean William Economou Watts of Love United States 2022 Not Available “UKWATI” captures the relationship between a mother and her daughter as they both struggle to survive.
Milk 2022 Not Available Celia Jaspers Scorpio Productions New Zealand 2022 Not Available When she sees an old man unable to pay for his milk, a young girl has a change of heart.
The Future Innu 2022 Not Available Stéphane Nepton Wapikoni Mobile Canada 2022 Not Available An ode to the land in relation to my double identity as an urban Indigenous person. A story that is both personal and poetic.
SGT. PUSHUP | Helping Children One Pushup at a Time (Trailer) 2022 Not Available Brandon Hill, Maverick Farrah United States 2022 Not Available Patrick Parker, a decorated war veteran who loves his country, created the character of 'Sgt. Pushup' to feed children
The White Rose 2022 Not Available Ian Kim United States Not Available The story of the German students who resisted the Nazis by distributing incendiary leaflets.
The Guardian – Teachers In America 2022 Not Available George Shelbourn The Guardian United States Not Available Perspective of life as a teacher.
A Letter to my Dad 2022 Not Available Brock Brenner United States 2022 Not Available A film created to capture the milestones between a father and a young son.
A New Vision (Fulldome Version) Not Available Michael Strauss Strauss Visuals United States 2022 Not Available In these unprecendented times we are faced with an opportunity to help bring us back to a point of balance.
Building a Shower Trailer for Chico's Houseless on a Budget... of Love! 2022 Not Available Gerard Ungerman Respectful Revolution United States 2022 Not Available This video is one of the latest from the Respectful Revolution project that is dedicated to documenting humane solutions to our world's many challenges.
Cosmonaute 360 - Mission: RESCUE 2022 Not Available Jesús Pérez Irigoyen Mexico 2022 Not Available When exploring the depths of the ocean their creativity will be put to the limit, dealing with the large plastic waste pollution.
Alan Magee: art is not a solace [excerpts] 2022 Not Available P. David Berez, David Wright United States 2022 Not Available This film comprises three short excerpts from a documentary about the artist Alan Magee.
Amelia Earhart 2022 Not Available Annika Smith & Quinn Reynolds | Lora Batchelor Middle School United States 2022 Not Available It is a documentary about Amelia Earhart and how she is a hero.
Discovering Plastic Pollution in Bali 2022 Not Available Karen B. Song United States 2022 Not Available Taking a look at the harmful effects of plastic pollution on local environments in Indonesia.
Hello Anna! 2022 Not Available Lucy Schacher Swinburne University of Technology Australia 2022 Not Available Author and illustrator Anna Walker recounts her memories of writing and creating her award-winning children's books.
Illegitimate Voice 2022 Not Available Taylor Bazile, Will Casse, Uma Chatterjee,, Ashley Clark, Victoria Cruell, Pedro Edmond, Stefie Gan, Kacey Layson, Oscar Li, Guilia Pan, Aaron Parris, Rachel Priebe, Ashley Lynn Raymer, Maria “Lupita” Roa, Lau Rodriguez, Armando Sepulveda Mendoza University of Southern California United States 2022 Not Available Stefie Gan recounts her experiences with culture shock, racism, and ultimately activism after moving from Malaysia to the United States.
Inclusion On the Air 2022 Not Available Eli Canter United States 2022 Not Available Emily Perl Kingsley is a former Sesame Street writer and longtime activist for children with disabilities and their families.
LITTLE BIG STEVE (Trailer) 2022 Not Available Tiziana Caminada Yves Matthey Switzerland 2022 Not Available A portrait of a guy with surprising resilience and his return to the shanty town, where he began his life!
Mental Health Awareness 2022 Not Available Andy Crisp Laguna Beach Unified School District United States 2022 Not Available Bringing awareness to mental health in Laguna Beach Unified School District.
My Hero's Chair 2022 Not Available Brock Brenner United States 2022 Not Available My superhero is no longer of this world…yet …he is forever of MY world, because superheroes never die.
Not All Superheroes Are in Comic Books 2022 Not Available Surjin Banwait Lawrence E. Jones Middle School United States 2022 Not Available When you hear the word “heroes,” TV and comic book characters probably come to mind. But they are not the only heroes. In fact, everyone can be a hero.
So Much More to Offer 2022 Not Available Cullen Burt, Grant Cosko, Xingyu (Vicky) Gu, Hunter Hartz, Aliiv Jiao, Saleen Lee, Alison Ma, Brisa Parra, Shelby Pine, Lyndzi Ramos, Tricia Saputera, Hanyu Sun, Kaan Ust, Elaine Wong, Rosemary Wu, Ella Zhou University of Southern California United States 2022 Not Available Lyndzi uses her own experience of being treated unfairly as a plus-sized person to raise people’s attention toward body positivity.
Inside the Beauty Bubble (Trailer) 2022 Not Available Cheryl Bookout, Cheri Gaulke United States 2022 Not Available Inside the Beauty Bubble follows self-proclaimed hairstorian, famed stylist and collector of hair artifacts Jeff Hafler.
My brain does not compute Not Available Henry Griffin Henry Griffin United States 2022 Not Available
Good Medicine 2022 Not Available Animikiikaakwezenz, Babaamaashikwens, Bezhigo Binesiikwens, Nigigoonsikwe, Wachaga In Progress United States Not Available The traditions that surround girls and their dance regalia and the process of learning how to dance.
Brainstream 2022 Not Available Caroline Robert Canada Not Available You’re inside the head of D., a young girl who’s livestreaming her brain activity during a new kind of treatment session.
Racism Must Stop 2022 Not Available Azomali Obisakin | In-Progress United States Not Available A documentary short exploring the impact of racism on the lives of children and adults.
Rural Runners (Trailer) 2022 Not Available Forest Woodward Gnarly Bay United States 2022 Not Available RURAL RUNNERS follows a progressive climate activist as she becomes the youngest representative elected to both the Maine House of Representatives and Senate.
Super Ruby 2022 Not Available Dean Saffron Australia 2022 Not Available This piece pays homage to the power of positivity generated by Ruby, a young sporting champion who endeavours to lead her best life everday.
Anne Frank; A Hero 2022 Not Available Ashley Claire Stegemoller Lora Batchelor Middle School United States 2022 Not Available This video is about the life of Anne Frank.
Dian Fossey; A Hero 2022 Not Available Everly Vee Clark Lora Batchelor Middle School United States 2022 Not Available This is a film about the life and career of Dian Fossey.
BLEUE'S BREATH 2022 Not Available Michael J Lutman Australia Not Available Young Bleue finds herself lost at sea amidst a violent storm that alters her world beyond her reality.
Andy 2022 Not Available Jamy Wheless | Executive Producer: Jean Schultz | Lead Animator: Brendan Gottlieb Ignite Animation Studios United States Not Available An uplifting story of how one puppy overcomes a series of obstacles to find his purpose in life.
WE THE PEOPLE 2022 Not Available Nimo Patel EMPTY HANDS MUSIC United States 2022 Not Available This is a song about coming together. It has been saddening to experience the social division and polarization in the world. This song is my heartfelt response to the collective pain we all share.
Sky so Blue 2022 Not Available Gehrig Blackburn | Pacific Elementary School United States 2022 Not Available A poem appreciating the wonders of nature.
Waking from a Dream about Forests 2022 Not Available Maeta Gray | Pacific Elementary School United States 2022 Not Available A poem appreciating forests
The Morning Mist 2022 Not Available Mateo Sotelo | Pacific Elementary School United States 2022 Not Available A poem about the beauties of the different times of the day.
Echoes of War by Kedaton Campbell 2023 Not Available Kedaton Campbell Kedaton Campbell United States 2022 Not Available A song titled "Echoes of War" by Kedaton Campbell
who we are... 2022 Not Available Noah Berlow United States 2022 Not Available Pathway to Independence, a non profit organization, provides a way for women to rejuvenate their lives and allows them to live a life of independence.
Malala: The Story of a Hero 2022 Not Available Ashley Claire Stegemoller, Leighton Amanda Huffman Lora Batchelor Middle School United States 2022 Not Available This is a video about Malala Yousafzai and how she stood up for women's rights.
Who Should Decide The Future of the Amazon? 2022 Not Available Martin Kingman | Executive Producer: Amazon Frontlines United States 2022 Not Available A global campaign aims to raise awareness on the urgent need to respect Indigenous people's right to decide over the future of their territories, cultures & lives.
The Forgotten Hero - Carl Lutz 2022 Not Available Daniel Joseph Taylor United States 2022 Not Available This video is about the Holocaust hero Carl Lutz, who saved 62,000 Jews during his lifetime.
Dr. Mandeep Rai: Dr. Rai - 'The Values Compass' 2022 Not Available eSpeakers eSpeakers United States 2022 Not Available Global authority on values working with companies & institutions around the world. London Sunday Times / WSJ bestselling author, "The Values Compass."
The Sustainability Laboratory 2022 Not Available The Sustainability Laboratory Regenerative TV United States 2022 Not Available A short video highlighting the good work of Dr. Michael Ben-Eli & the Sustainability Laboratory in their mission to save the planet.
The Space Between Us 2022 Not Available Gabriel Diamond Phil Collis Outside Films USA 2021 Not Available A radical somatic dialog about race and gender.
Breonna's Garden AR 2022 Not Available Lady Phoenix & Sutu USA 2022 Not Available Breonna’s Garden is an Augmented Reality experience being created in collaboration with Ju’Niyah Palmer, Breonna Taylor’s little sister.
2022 TEACHER HERO - JEFFREY RUDKIN Not Available 7th grade Students from Batchelor Middle School USA 2022 Not Available A wonderful media arts educator who inspires his students with a focus on hero based storytelling!
2022 Emerging Artist Lucy Schacher Not Available MY HERO USA / Australia 2022 Not Available Lucy is an emerging artist with a strong voice for humanity.
Andy (excerpt - from Iff Awards 2022) Not Available Jamy Wheless | Executive Producer: Jean Schultz | Lead Animator: Brendan Gottlieb USA 2022 Not Available An uplifting story of how one puppy overcomes a series of obstacles to find his purpose in life.
Ocean Guardians 2023 Not Available Selket A Kaufman USA 2023 Not Available Visionary creates grassroots social enterprise to prevent whale extinction.
The Art Of Discovery Not Available Mónika Naranjo-Shepherd USA 2023 Not Available Like scientists, artists conceptualize and put together ideas in new ways. Artists and scientists both have the ability to offer a deeper understanding of our Ocean.
NON VIOLENCE 2023 Not Available Sinbob Mendy Kanu Sierra Leone 2023 Not Available
60 Sec Docs with Jahkil Jackson Not Available 60 Sec docs United States 2023 Not Available Jahkil Jackson from Chicago is the founder of Project I Am, an organization raising awareness about homelessness.
Sally Ride 2023 Not Available Hanna United States 2023 Not Available Documentary made by a 3rd grade student on why Sally Ride is her hero.
Wellness Song 2023 Not Available Morgan, Ophelia, Isis, Elinor, Austin, Ethan & Scarlett | Pacific Elementary School United States 2023 Not Available An original song about wellness made by students at Pacific Elementary mentored by Wendy Milette
Women's History Month 2023 Not Available Anastasia United States 2023 Not Available A montage celebrating great women for women's history month!
Fannie Lou Hamer - A Civil Rights Unsung Hero 2023 Not Available Elia Grace Defore United States 2023 Not Available This documentary is about the unsung hero Fannie Lou Hamer who helped African Americans receive their right to vote.
The Descent 2023 Not Available Tatiana Collet-Apraxine United Kingdom 2023 Not Available The Descent is an animated Virtual Reality journey into the mythical Underworld that explores the themes of grief and loss
Down the Road [excerpt] 2023 Not Available Care Dorghalli USC School of CInematic Arts USA 2023 Not Available Woody and Luna generously help people in need after the Paradise fire.
A Prayer for My Mother: The Eva Brettler Story 2023 Not Available Ruben Barrett, Raisa Effress, Sophia Evans, Lauren Fuchs, Katie Hadsock-Longarzo, Ian Kim, Eve Levy, Timothy Lim, Asher Meron, Marion Ochoa, Isabella Rahi, Hank Schoen, and Olivia Uzielli Cheri Gaulke and Samara Hutman Righteous Conversations Project 2021 Not Available An animated film that chronicles the extraordinary saga of Holocaust survivor Eva Brettler – a child facing brutality and profound loss who finds sustenance in faith and her own dreams for the future.
Hard to Say 2023 Not Available Levi Brous-Light, Dovely King, & Madelyn Netto Not Available HARD TO SAY dramatizes a moment in a teen girl’s life, when she speaks her truth and allows another person into her trauma.
Heroes Among Us - A Conversation with Captain Alma Lowry 2023 Not Available Clara Yang 2023 Not Available In this student reporters interview, Captain Lowry and I talk about her experiences in leadership and community service.
Oasis: The Projection of your own Identity 2023 Not Available Amiko Muscat Baycat Studios United States Not Available Jessica Recinos, a choreographer based in San Francisco is yearning to pursue her identity and culture through dance.
It Takes a Lemon 2023 Not Available Corey J Gilbert United States 2023 Not Available This film is about a grieving man who builds a lemonade stand in the park in honor of his daughter
Australia 2023 Not Available Gehrig Blackburn Pacific Elementary School USA 2023 Not Available An original poem celebrating the uniqueness of Australia.
Mother Moon 2023 Not Available Elciana Hudson - Pacific Elementary School USA 2023 Not Available Elciana shares her poetry for the Moon.
Stuffing Up 2023 Not Available Rachel Berkowitz South Africa 2023 Not Available A teddy attempts to lose her roundness after being rejected by her weight-obsessed owner.
Secondary Strobe 2023 Not Available Maddie Barnes United Kingdom 2023 Not Available This film follows Libby Gotta, a competitive swimmer and member of the Great British Deaf Swimming Club
Empowerment In Action 2023 Not Available Yuelin Liu Actuality Abroad Guatemala 2023 Not Available This short documentary centers on the work of the Eco Spanish School, persevering in a small town on the shores of Lake Atitlán
Ministry of Surf 2023 Not Available Collins Reagan Keith Reagan Reagan Studios USA 2023 Not Available An intimate look inside the healing power of water & surfing on autistic children and the surfers who offer "one perfect day" to kids!
War 2023 Not Available Mahyar Zaheri Iran 2023 Not Available The story of a boy named Farid Bardbar…
Finding Home 2023 Not Available Ethan Dumper United States 2023 Not Available A short documentary put together by a youth film maker regarding the systemic problems behind Homelessness and possible solutions.
Los Guardianes 2023 Not Available Kira O'Boyle United States 2023 Not Available Two brothers in Mexico work to conserve the ancient Maya practice of raising stingless bees.
The Unbound Project - Sarah Heiligtag 2023 Not Available Thomas Machowicz, Sabina Diethelm Not Available The founder of Transfarmation shares her vision for a healthier world.
Keiko Fukazawa 2023 Not Available Anabelle Vo & Margot Bennett USA / Japan 2023 Not Available Keiko Fukazawa uses her art to address an issue that has greatly impacted the quality of life in America: gun violence.
Cadena en Cadena (Stitch by Stitch) 2023 Not Available Rachel Thompson Juliana Kasmanas United States 2023 Not Available A women's embroidery collective in Mexico passes down traditional Maya patterns while innovating new designs and expanding gender roles for future generations.
Water, Star Medicine 2023 Not Available Lisa Spencer USA Not Available A teacher and her students study the nature, science, and brilliance of water. They visit the Rio Grande in New Mexico and interview Veda Austin, a New Zealand Māori scientist to learn that water is life, memory, and healing.
THE GREY SPACE - PSA 2023 Not Available William Goins USA Not Available Liam Neeson voices this heart wrenching PSA about the rescue of women, children, families and Americans stranded behind the front lines of war in Ukraine, an ill-fated evacuation in Afghanistan, and the carnage of a Cat 5 Hurricane IAN.
The Making of the Big Picture 2023 Not Available Benjamine Reid 2023 Not Available The Big Picture is a play written by teens for teens about The Big Picture-- what is really important in life, and the monumental challenges that teenagers face.
Pestis Muliebris - Stories of Female Resilience 2023 Not Available Vittorio Caratozzolo, Luca Nicolini & Class 2 A (2022-23) Italy 2023 Not Available How many difficulties have women encountered to undertake scientific studies and, in particular, in medicine? Ask Marie, Elizabeth, Emily…
Reclaim 2023 Not Available Kelly Guerin Canada Not Available Jo-Anne McArthur visited two pig farms: one industrial, packed with thousands of pigs, and one long abandoned.
PB&J Productions My Hero 2023 Not Available Shelby Dahl United States Not Available This is an interview of Savannah Ackerman, the School Outreach Coordinator for Tree People.
We are the Earth 2023 Not Available Zoé Rose France 2023 Not Available A powerful expressionistic animation for connecting to life.
The Kite 2023 Not Available Martin Smatana Czech Republic Not Available An enchanting tale about remembering those who are no longer with us.
Freeman 2023 Not Available Daisy Thwaites United States Not Available Every day we pass homeless people, like Freeman, on the street and we don't know anything about them. This film is about one homeless man.
The Hill We Climb 2023 Not Available Destiny Brown United States Not Available Students in Wide Angle's Virtual Event Planning class created a collaborative artistic work surrounding Amanda Gorman's poem, "The Hill We Climb," which represented everything the students believed in.
Twisted Tale Cinda Real [excerpt] 2023 Not Available Sara Bozanic Slovenia 2023 Not Available Cinda Real (our take on the Cinderella), a story about a girl who is stigmatised for having only one leg and her intention to come to a dance, “only to dance”.
Goddesses 2023 Not Available Morgan Maassen United States / Tahiti Not Available A short film on Vahine, Heimiti and Kohai Fierro of Tahiti.
Water 3 2023 Not Available Morgan Maassen United States Not Available A short film about my affinity for the ocean, its mystery and power.
The Emerald Edge: Cedar's Story 2023 Not Available Chad Horn CANADA 2023 Not Available "Explore the world’s largest coastal temperate rainforest in 360 degrees in a new immersive experience.
This Fragile Paradise 2023 Not Available Ashley Tsai United States Not Available Watch 17-year-old Ashley Tsai honor Mbororo pastoralist and sacred resource cartographer Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim.
Echoes of Peace - The Gandhi Story 2023 Not Available Daniel Joseph Taylor USA 2023 Not Available This is an 8 minute film about the life of Mahatma Gandhi and how he fought for India's independence through non-violent resistance.
Greenwashing Fast Fashion's Dirty Laundry Into Art 2023 Not Available Manuel Gussmann Germany 2023 Not Available Witness in "Greenwashing Fast Fashion's Dirty Laundry Into Art" the stunning transformation of discarded clothing into a powerful art installation.
Shalom Ukraine (YouthBridge) 2023 Not Available Olga Kotlytska Germany 2023 Not Available A film about Ukrainian teenage refugees from different parts of Ukraine, who with their art and talents convey to Europeans the truth about Ukraine.
Just A Girl 2023 Not Available Yassa Khan United Kingdom Not Available The emotive film shares the voices and stories of three young girls whose childhoods were stolen when they became child brides and mothers in Nigeria.
Grace Hopper 2023 Not Available Audrey Eason United States 2023 Not Available Trailblazing mathematician Grace Hopper is amazing example of the power you have if you put your mind to it!
One More Time 2023 Not Available Queality United States Not Available In this short documentary, One More Time, former band members of the Mighty Ram Band of Eastside High recall their golden days of performances
Dorothy Cotton 2023 Not Available Dylan Winiger United States 2023 Not Available Dorothy Cotton was an American civil rights activist,
My Hero - Maya Angelou 2023 Not Available Sakura Forney United States 2023 Not Available Maya Angelou's life and how she changed her community's perspective on racism and sexism.
Green SuperHeroes 2030 Trailer 2023 Not Available Los Angeles Barea United States 2023 Not Available A group of 10 young environmentalists changing the world for the better. Their powers make the planet greener.
Trash Counts 2023 Not Available NOAA Ocean Today NOAA Ocean Today United States 2023 Not Available Featuring a citizen science project that is making a difference, one data entry at a time.
Protecting Coral Reefs 2023 Not Available NOAA Ocean Today NOAA Ocean Today United States 2023 Not Available NOAA and the National Park Service are creating a geo-referenced coral reef base map to better understand coral reefs
2023 Global Educator - Martin Smatana Not Available Union Square & Co Czech Republic 2023 Not Available Martin shares about creating his book A YEAR OF GOOD NEWS!
Gratitude Revealed [trailer] 2023 Not Available Louie Schwartzberg USA 2022 Not Available Take a breath and be inspired...
19th Annual International Film Festival - Virtual Awards Not Available Wendy Milette Jeanne Meyers, Rachel Priebe, Brandy Hernandez, Sam Fredericks, Kitty Richardson and MY HERO team The MY HERO Project United States 2023 Not Available
MY HERO 19th Film Festival Celebration of Winners Not Available MY HERO, Wendy Milette United States 2023 Not Available
2023 Immersive Storytelling Award Presentation Not Available MyHero MyHero United States 2023 Not Available